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Everything posted by malageno

    He works like a charm! Very handsome and sexy and zero trouble installing him - which is saying something for a mod. The face fits his voice too. Love it! Will post an in-game pic soon.
    Despite the dirt and Dragur guts, the tanga is so sleek and scorching-hot. Even Kaidan had to agree: "That's a good look on you."
    Completely gorgeous!! I never use Light Armors and I'm in love. So bad-ass / angelic, it's breathtakingly HOT.
  1. malageno

    Malageno's Skyrim

    Since discovering this site, with high poly head and SAM Light, the game has become my new fantasy playground!
  2. malageno


    From the album: Malageno's Skyrim

    High poly head (and body)
  3. malageno


    From the album: Malageno's Skyrim

    With face replacer, SAM Light, Vituvia textures and community overlay tattoos. I ended up fixing the slight neck seam later.
  4. malageno


    From the album: Malageno's Skyrim

    With head replacer, SAM Light, and community overlay tattoos
  5. From the album: Malageno's Skyrim

    Gorgeous atmospherics with this mod
  6. I love this high poly head but I've noticed in game that my player character doesn't generate expressions during combat. Before I installed the high poly head, he had the usual combat expressions during power attacks and the "ugly" face when enemies were nearby. Now he's blank. I have EFM installed, but I'm not sure if I need to do anything else to get the expressions to manifest in-game? I did install this mod mid-game and had no problems updating to high poly head in Race Menu. I only noticed the lack of expressions when I started playing. Any advice is much appreciated. EDIT: Well, the combat expressions kicked in about 30 minutes later while playing, all of a sudden, so it fixed itself!
  7. EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. The body hair overlays show up in RaceMenu as body paints. Hit F9 to add texture and it shows up. Duh. Just in case anyone is having this head-scratcher. I have a dumb noob question. I finally switched to SAM from SOS and the quality is amazing. I installed SAM Light, SAM Light Texture Add On, with Race Menu morphs and the HDD bounce. All is working as intended, except for the body hair textures. The SAM Morphs kl folder has the SAM body hair options dds within it, but in game in RaceMenu, while the Body diffuse sliders show up, the texture list doesn't and moving the Body Diffuse slider makes the character torso turn purple. I thought it would apply different body hair overlays onto the SAM Light Texture I've already installed, but clearly I missed something. What do I need to do for body hair options to apply?
  8. I'll look into NFF. My main concern with any mod follower tweaks is Kaidan. He's such a delicate flower that any kind of AI changes tend to break his little brain, sadly. I've had to disable a few in the past to retain him but he's so fully voiced and engaging, he's worth it. But I have Farys on my team now, so for the moment all is good. I really appreciate your guys' help! It's tough to find good-looking male followers with a flair. I tend to only use custom-voiced ones, too, because the generic ones merely obey and grunt. Farys is gorgeous; he could benefit from easily removable armor, but console unequip will do the trick for now.
  9. Edited my comment above, as soon as I dismissed the generic follower, Farys' recruitment dialogue popped. His armor is glued onto him, though, and I'd love to know what it is because it's beautiful; I can see it via the console but just as his armor. I'm assuming it can't be upgraded?
  10. The CTD just happened when I added Manipulator, recommended as a fix in the comments here. If I disable it, the game loads fine but I still can't recruit Farys. I just get one option with him: Want to have some fun? from SexTalk. He's there but he won't give me any options to recruit him. Given that I have three custom followers with me - Inigo, lucien and kaiden - plus Meeko and a generic NPC, would that preempt his dialogue from popping up? I could dismiss generic guy and test it, I guess; just wondering if that might be the cause. EDIT: Yes, that was it. Dismissed my generic guy and dialogue popped. Cool!
  11. Nope. Without Farys, still crashes on loading screen. I hit continue and image with game play tips comes up, then boom. CTD. I use Vortex if that means anything, it's been stellar so far. Should the Unofficial Patch load after Manipulator? SSE edit shows some red lines in Manipulator referenced by Unofficial Patch.
  12. Oops. Crashes my game. I have SexLab SE so the papyrus utility is installed; when I disable Manipulator, the game loads up fine. Not sure what the issue might be (always something with Skyrim SE, though). I have 57 mods so not too excessive and a beefy rig.
  13. Oh. Okay. Forgot I also have Lucien, so running around with a harem at the moment. I can dismiss the generic follower to get Farys, but will try this.
  14. I just downloaded him and he looks great. But I can't get him to be a follower. The dialogue to ask him to follow me doesn't pop up. The only dialogue tree I get is from SexTalk so I can bang him (lol!) but not recruit him. I do have Inigo, Kaidan, Meeko and another follower already; could that be the issue? Do I need to dismiss one? I thought that he'd just reply, "You have someone already," but there's no option to recruit him at all. I did save and re-load in front of him, still no dialogue options other than "Want to have some fun?" (Hilarious and sure, would love to, but I'd like to get to know him first.) EDIT: Just tried to recruit the morbid dark elf in the Drunken Huntsmen just to make sure it's a specific glitch with Farys and it appears to be. She told me I had someone else with me and I needed to dismiss him first. .
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