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  1. Hello, I got a color mismatch when using the tan skin. Didn't notice it until I use the cut SOS. And I still got the same issue when I remove the schlong cbpc mod 😕 Sometimes the pubic hair will mismatch too when using custom race like COTR race.
  2. I have a problem here I was going to refit this outfit however I cannot get rid of the neck seam. Could anyone take a look? skypunkbody1.nifskypunkbody1.ospskypunkbody1.osd
  3. Hello there, Loot says "This plugin contains records that have FormIDs outside the valid range for an ESL plugin. Using this plugin will cause irreversible damage to your game saves"
  4. Is it possible to fix the blurry crotch texture? looks like a resolution problem.
  5. dunno if it's appropriate to talk about it here but thank you for your new masterpiece so no worries
  6. I found a very good looking schlong screeenshot from a Korean website. It seems to be from SOS futanari CBBE addon...
  7. So what does COTR actually do in addition to adding morphs? There are so many versions to download so I am a little confused. Does it conflict with SAM morph racemenu or high poly head/body? I'm SE player.
  8. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11656 this mod will do
  9. I have converted them to SSE SAM.(Shoes only) Require Racemenu High heels But I don't know if this is stable coz it's my first time converting stuff. So far so good in my game. [SAM]Modern Shoes For SAM.7z
  10. It's like every time my char wears a thong, the dick shrinks to the dick mesh given in the skimpy armor. Is there a way to adjust itself or do I have to use bodyslide everytime?
  11. Nice work! Was this made by racemenu?
  12. I just solved it with adding the texture into SAM Light texture pack and I can easily apply different skin types
  13. Hello, thanks for your tutorial. I got one problem here. The clothes seem fine after refitting. But the shadow on the clothes will be weird if my char is near the light source. Any way to fix this or I have to recreate the shadow for the refitted clothes?
  14. After adding the .dll file make sure you turn on SOS dick option in the game setting. BTW does this work with hairless body or tanned body?
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