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  1. This looks so good! Can we get an option without the nipple piercings, though? Or, if not, how difficult is it to remove them myself if I've never done anything like that lol Update: it took me a couple of hours but I actually figured out how to remove them in Outfit Studio and now I feel like a genius? Omg this opens up so many possibilities lmao Update 2: never mind, when I removed the nipple piercings I did something that removed the ability for this to fit whatever body it's on? So now it makes everybody super skinny and hairy. Hmm. Help?
  2. Howwwwwwww on earth did you turn that gnarled gray goblin into that smooth teenage twink??? I'm still trying to figure out how to rotate characters in Racemenu, and y'all are out here doing all this lmao. I am seriously in awe.
  3. Are we supposed to use both the Muscular and Regular plug-ins? In the MCM, you can use them to say how often each race will have that kind of penis, but wouldn't they contradict each other? If I say Nords have a 10% chance to have foreskin and a 10% chance to be cut, what else could it be??? Same with sizes. I could technically put "100" size on Muscular and "0" size on Regular, which would do... what? Good mod, though. My character looks amazing, but other NPCs have the weird underwear thing happening no matter how I arrange my plug-ins, although I'm probably just doing something wrong there since I'm still trying to figure out how to use Vortex. It's more than compensated for by my ability to give my character a meter long corkscrew penis lol
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