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  1. For everyone asking me this question, I apologize for not being more clear... All you have to do is install SOS without the body files and then overwrite the schlongs with the schlongs provided by SAM. That's it... literally every mod that requires SOS will now work and the scripts just control the boners just like SAM's scripts do, you'll be able to switch out the dongs too as you please. The only issue is that due to the body different between SAM and SOS clothing mods will still need to be amended or the textures will look super weird.
  2. So I found out the trick to this is to add the HDT Default Body BBP or whatever it's called and the HDT Vagina but I mean it can be renamed..... e_e ..... directly to the body through nifscope... It's the same for armor... after I added the HDT Vagina to the mesh and edited the weighting properly in OutfitStudo belly distortions were enabled. I also added HDTM to the penis meshes for SAM in the main character assets folder as well as in the SOS folder. However the values for the SAM body have to be high enough to cause an effect I have to put it at least to moderately high weighting in order to see the effect I'm not really sure why this is. But I did figure it out : The issue was actually setting the collision to be possible through a separate HDT Physics XML rather than through body weighting alone Once again how I did this for those of you like TLDNR (too long did not read): 1. get nifscope ---> 2. Open Nif 3. Expand NiNode 0 3a. Click under that in the list that you've expanded 4. Click Block ---> Insert ---> Click Nis ---> click NiStringsExtraData 4a. Type in the number of XMLS you want to attach to the object. 5.Under the second window (bottom left) name it HDT Havok Path 6. Under String Data Type in the full address to the HDT XML you want to use (see attached Screen Shot) (e.g.: Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtm.xml) 7. Press CTRL over the new thing you've created and move it up with the arrow keys until it's #1 under the expanded NiNode0 branch I found out that you can have a whole set of physics specifically tailored to the male body and an entirely different set effecting everything else so it's possible to enable distortions on the male body but not the female body, it's possible to set the penis mesh as a collision object which is awesome and it would make scenes with said collision object with a particular mod work properly the reason why is because the hdtm xml sets the penis mesh to collide with whatever has the appropriate collision box unchecked in the hdtHavokModifier program! Literally this turns the body into HDT-PE ... It has not broken any of my HDT Male armors. So yes this does the exact belly distortion crap that happens to females and makes the collisions for the bum and pecs very noticeable.. It's super jiggly but I like it that way because it's kind of funny seeing my follower's ass bounce around while he's trying to fight. SAM Belly Distortion.7z
  3. Download Liv's Kaiden and then replace it with mine I think I am missing the sound files that came with it... I thoguht they were all packed in the .bsa Sorry about that guys!
  4. The updated version is on the Nexus: I'll try to rip him out of it again and update him here. Final Fantasy Skryim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84770
  5. I've I've uploaded the full version with revealing armor to Nexusmods, I'm not sure why he has a beard because I've never made the character with a beard. As far as them having gray hair I think I tried to make it platinum blond: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88856 It's the same thing but the guys are in Mr.K's revealing Kyron armor. The male follower in this version looks like shit because I put Carbuncle in something else.
  6. Well what I've been doing to get the appropriate belly distortions is just using those body files and redoing the weighting manually to increase the weighting it works for me... that's it lol I don't know about HDTPE... I guess the havok object is considered to be HDTPE but Idk... I saw that they just attached the object to exactly above the tip of the penis for SOS, however because the length of the SAM penis and the SOS penis are a little bit the same I found no issue. The other havok object was measured to right below or at the belly button. I just made a new object in the creation kit for the plugin and pointing to the female body physics for that object using nifscope.
  7. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  8. I added weighting to the abdomen instead of re-configuring the xml files now the file should work as intended with distortion effecting the player and npcs as long as they equip the "bottom physics" item. I knew there was a way to do it in bodyslide I just had to do some research. For reference: Import the mesh with body slide's outfit studio by opening Outfit studio on the bodyslide program menu (bottom right corner) File ---> import----> import from .nif After your file gets loaded up go under the section "bones" Select any of the bounce bones (body/breast/butt) then use the weight paint brush to edit the bone weights Select "Shape" Then the option copy bone weights Then transfer bone weights Then go under file Export ----> export to .nif with reference (You should do this with the malebody_0 and the malebody_1 file or they'll have different weights) Increasing the values in the SAM menu " the Samson ---samuel sliders" in game does make the distortion effect more pronounced. The havok object causes the belly distortions to take place Once again there should be two objects: Breast physics ---> Top and female Bottom Physic ---> Bottom male and female In game male and female npcs will have the same object the bottom physics object is separate and you'll have to use additem menu to get it I use wyre bash to deactivate the dragonborn and dawnguagrd .esp files (they just auto add the object to those npcs). So there is a .esm and a .esp that is needed. The bigger the schlong the more exaggerated the effect will be. I f you don't want to equip the item in game then you can open body slide and manually attach the appropriate object to your mesh. I have no idea if that will work as intended. Obviously Havok Male.nif should go on the penis and Havok object.nif should go on the body you want to have the distortions on. ( I caution you to only add them to files in the SOS folder and don't use floppy SOS or your belly will be distorted by your own penis XD (Gives a new meaning to the phrase go-f-yourself lol) The male genitals file points to HDTm XML The male hands points to HDT fingers XML The male bottom havok object points to the Default BBP XML The Physics ExtensionsMaleBody is used by the Male Havok Object from the original download malebody_0.nif malebody_1.nif malebody.tri malegenitals_1.nif malegenitals_0.nif malegenitals.tri malegenitalskhajiit_0.nif malegenitalskhajiit_1.nif malegenitalsargonian.tri malegenitalsargonian_0.nif malegenitalsargonian_1.nif malegenitalskhajiit.tri malehands_0.nif malehands_1.nif malehands.tri hdtFingers.xml hdtm.xml hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml hdtVagina.xml hdt.xml HDT Havok Object.nif HDT Havok Object Male.nif
  9. So while continuing to work on my SAM Collisions (really it should be SAM distortions) I found out how to do this: 1st you need to open body slide, then outfit studio Then you need to go under file --> then import from .nif Find your body malebody_0 or malebody _1 then you can use the weight brush on a particular bone You'll have to keep the bone selected Then you go under the option on the menu bar "shape" ---> then "copy bone weights" Then "transfer selected weights" Finally you'll need to go back under the "file" option on the menu bar Then select "Export" Then under that menu "Export to .nif with reference" You'll have your newly edited weights I've attached my edits for reference malebody.tri malebody_0.nif malebody_1.nif
  10. For any kind of mod that utilizes Sexlab and produces and actor effect like pregnancy for females, you'll need to go into sexlab and flag your character's gender as female. Pregnancy mods like Hentai Pregancy apply an effect to each male actor and each female actor during a sexlab scene that once it's over boom you've got a baby based on predefined chances in the mod's mcm menu. If you add an "and" statement to a script then it must have the previous condition "and" the new condition to run. Adding an "or" to a script would say the previous condition needs to be tru for the effect to run "or" this condition. Just flag it as "or" "is player" but seriously if you use anything sexlab and you want it to run on males then you'll have to flag your character as female in sexlab. The only mod outside flag the player as female of this is Estrus Chaurus but EC+ on Lover's lab wouldn't have that issue I don't think it works on males... =o? Rydin made a male voice pack becaus of this but Idon't personally use the mod. Another thing is that you should check to see if you're MCM is set up for it to run on both males and females.
  11. If you run sos along with SAM then the pen slider in SAM will not work. There could be two things happening but I'm no expert 1. you have another mod that's using Ni-nodes like inflation framework or sexlab deadly drain or something like that acting on the bodies trying to change the values. 2. Your followers have armors that are particular to the body made for them. Kaiden a very popular follower on the nexus has armors that are made with overlays and with a particular body integrated with his armors. If I use SAM and he's wearing his custom armor then the body will reset. This is what you can do to force an actor to always have a particular value with SAM: Make a profile bro (in SAM's menu)... export it ..... then import it when you load your game. Everyone gets the particular proportions you've assigned to them through SAM.
  12. It did last night, it's just a mp4 video ? I'll just upload it as a 7zip... Bouncy SAM + Collision.7z
  13. I thought I did but it appears that I overwrote it with another file ? So let me re-download it now Update**** I used it and it's very nice! I still wonder if there is some way to add weighting to the abdomen to make the distention more visible. Or how do I do that :o?
  14. So I used outfit studio to attach the referenced "bottom physics" object to the male body 0 & 1 .nif files. It resulted in the same collision being active without the use of the collision item, but still requires the HDT havok object male or "havok brest physic" object to be worn by the "top". I think I can attach the HDT Havok Object Male item to the Male genitals nif files and see how they react to the body. I just think that there is something right there in front of my face and I'm overlooking that would solve the entire issue and make it obsolete to use the plugin files. So the above said in another way ....If the bodies included an object that utilized the physics files (XMLs) then HDTPE plugins wouldn't need to be referenced in a separate file. malebody_0.nif malebody_1.nif
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