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  1. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    So I used outfit studio to attach the referenced "bottom physics" object to the male body 0 & 1 .nif files. It resulted in the same collision being active without the use of the collision item, but still requires the HDT havok object male or "havok brest physic" object to be worn by the "top". I think I can attach the HDT Havok Object Male item to the Male genitals nif files and see how they react to the body. I just think that there is something right there in front of my face and I'm overlooking that would solve the entire issue and make it obsolete to use the plugin files. So the above said in another way ....If the bodies included an object that utilized the physics files (XMLs) then HDTPE plugins wouldn't need to be referenced in a separate file. malebody_0.nif malebody_1.nif
  2. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    So I struggled more to see if I can make a video that shows the collision... And the issues I'm having that I hope Mr.K-Lou can assist me with ❤️ (well let me be honest fix please) I turned off my ENB but kept SKGE lol I tried to make the video look pretty. As you can see the collision works but I don't know how to stop the bum from going crazy or to get the XML files associated with the object to match to the SAM body exactly. The other problem is that the collisions are barely noticeable other than on the bum. I'm not really sure why this is... I don't know if it's the friction value or if it's the childshape referenced in the hdt havok modifier program.... Then I'm also wondering if there is a way to make this just apart of the body and remove the HDT-physics equipment stuff I wonder if I can do that with outfit studio? Bouncy SAM + Collision.mp4
  3. With Mesh Rigger you'll have to go under the Tools RC_89_e folder then open the MeshRigger Folder --> then open the "Output" folder you should see your outputs there. That's the default location if something goes wrong check there first! I'm sorry that it took so long to give you help on a mod I uploaded.
  4. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    I'm only using HDT physics Did you remember to run FINS after? I'm also using CBBE but I'm not sure how things work in SSE... Also your character or the intended bottom needs to equip the "bottom physics" item and you need to configure your animation handling program (SL or OSex) to not remove it. In Sexlab it's under the strip item menu, in OSex the default equipment menu. I'm also using floppy SOS maybe that has something to do with it to but I don't know
  5. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    yay let us know what happens!
  6. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    Thanks for your kind reply :) I suppose you can merge it the files I compiled together came from mods from some time ago maybe it was before merge plugins was really starting to get the stability it has now but you can try it. The .esp and .esm are both needed as far as I can tell the .esm alone doesn't seem to distribute the files or include the changes I made. :/
  7. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    I apologize .... You were the first person to test this and i goofed sorry about that. :C
  8. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    I've uploaded the .esp in this reply separately from the archive and repackaged the archive to include the aforementioned file for those of us using MO and NMM. I apologize once again.... Now with the .esp the havok object should be distributed to npcs and you'll be able to find the bottom physics object. Havok Breast Physic.esp SAM HDT Collision 2.0.7z
  9. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    D@MN IT 😧 I didn't include all the .esp files when I uploaded the file I'm so sorry I didn't place the .esp file I modified So what should be in the downloaded folder but was missing was breast physics .esp I only had the .esm So now you should be able to find the bottom physics file I am so sorry you all!!!!! And thank you Mr.Leifoh hopefully this new correct upload doesn't substantially change anything in the work you've done so far. SAM HDT Collision 2.0.7z
  10. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    It does penetration collision on the bum and belly distortion... However the specs for the bum need to be redone it's a little too interactive and can sometimes go crazy. As far as collision goes know that a lot of people asked if it was possible because we do have HDT male bodies now but no one really gathered the resources appropriately or tried to fine tune them to work with the male body so that distortion was possible. I just opened up the file in CK and made a new havok object in addition to the one already present. So the equips are : Havok breast physics and Havok Bottom physics The Havok Bottom physics that I created just forces the body to use the XML file for females that interacts with the schlong. The schlong can collide and distort the bum and the belly area and the pectorals. The belly, bum, and pecs also respond to hand movements so if a player's hand brushes that area,or hits it like with a spank, it will respond. Someone who knows what they're doing can take these files and fine-tune them and make the motions more fluid. My intentions were to see if it was possible for belly distortion to happen. I still don't really know what I'm doing but after a player through nothing is broken :).
  11. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    Nope only in Legacy Skyrim... It works really well I need to see if I can get the weights to allow further belly distention. I believe because they're only interpreted XML files they should work as long as bouncy SAM is compatible with SSE then it should .... in theory Just extract the SKSE files from the 7zip and not the meshes! I've also tested this with the High Poly Conversion and it works!
  12. DarkIbis

    SAM HDT Collision

    I'm not sure if this will work with the highly talented KouLeifoh's High Poly Conversion. I gathered these files from various sources LL and nexus but I edited them a bit using the Havok modifier that comes as a separate download for HDT physics. What the attached file contains: XML files + Changed Meshes --> These aren't really needed to work but they are supposedly better attached to the XML files.... (so feel free to overwrite these with SAM BBB and XPMSE) So to make these files work you'll need: SKSE SAM SAM HDT BBB XPMSE Use add item menu to add to your inventory or the chosen bottom's inventory the "HDT bottom or Havok bottom" item. These Havok objects take up slot 48 but it can be changed and the effects will still run What I'm hoping is that Mr.KLeifoh and others would take this over and see if they can modify the XML files to bet better compatible and achieve the belly node distension that is present for females. So how does this do what it does: Well it makes the collision appear by changing he havok XML that acts on the body in this case it's the male body using the physics made for females. It is a very sensitive setting! SAM HDT Collision.7z
  13. DarkIbis

    SAM & SOS together?

    Don, actually fixed this unintentionally.... when you install SOS you need to overwrite that with SAM's body, which means going into the SOS folder that has the schlongs and replacing them with the one from SAM's files. You'll no longer have the gap and your follower will have the SAM body which is I think what you wanted. The other option is to open your follower's files and find the body files your follower uses and replace them all with SAM's files. I use both SAM and SOS, I use SAM's body and have included SOS just for the mods made by authors that refuse to adopt SAM. (Like Sexlab Sexlife) and follower mods like yourself.
  14. Hmm I'm not sure why the voice files would have problems ":o? I'll go back through my assets and see what's up with that weirdness. He talks fine on my end I'm not sure what's wrong .... I'll check again I'm sorry that I've not been as active on the site as I should be.
  15. DarkIbis

    Bound Angels: The Meridian Guardians

    O,O maybe I should make the hair the guys have non-playable... If you use an ENB I've found that there is an issue with transparency. I'll go back in the CK and fix this I think it's because their scalp meshes aren't showing up correctly.... Causing the hair to go transparent. KouLeifoh gave me permission to use his armor so I need to go back in and give it to them anyway.