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  1. Wow!!! Amazing work, thanks for making our men look sexy.
  2. Have been thinking about the Ebony sets, have you thought about removing some of the plates on the set (I was thinking the ones on the thighs and possibly the chest) to give it a lighter look compared to the plate version? Also could the texture of the thong be changed to match the chain mail on the legs? All I can think of for the Dragonbone gear is some type of leather armour with the bones/scales layered over the top, you could even take ideas from the leather or hide sets you've already done and add the bones and scales to those, not sure what textures there are for the sets though. Also, will there a possibility of non-revealing versions of the orcish and daedric sets, similar to how you had thong versions of the light and oblivion mage sets? Otherwise, these refits are looking great.
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