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    Excellent addition to the High Poly body!! You just created what was missing. Even a Vanilla NPC now looks awesome! I use your method to convert my NPC and the xEdit scripts are helping a lot. I do have a glitch though when I try to export from the CK a Khajiit or Argonian Head. I revewed the changes made by the script and they look correct in xEdit, I guess I'm missing a mod in the CK because I have the typical Red sign when I try to visualize it in the CK. The result is a black face in game. Are there pre-requisites for non humanoid to load other than expessive face morphs? Thank you
  1. Hello The RM Simple Male outfit.esp is dependant on Dawnguard which is no longuer part of Enderal with the Steam version. Any idea what to do?
  2. Nice skin! you are good with 3D modeling and texturing! Any chance to add the 3D pubes from the old SAM mesh? I used to have this in OLDRIM and it added some realism. Hope to see this in download section sone day
  3. Thank you so much dear Smidgen for sharing your presets and followers mods. I tried it with SAM as well as SOS in SSE and it's perfect! Here is how the look like with a SOS body
  4. One I've been using all along Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27361 One of the best with BBL https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11427
  5. wanted to add some pix with the hidden tag but don't know how to do it.... couldn't find what tag to use
  6. Really enjoy the pose. Great picture. Thank you. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving ... hand or maybe yes ?
  7. I managed to use your follower packs (not the presets) without realistic teeth by replacing the mouths in the nif files by another mouth from my own MOD list (remove branch/paste new branch). I do not get your teeth but I could use the followers with my set up. Thank you for sharing your followers which I also ported with success to SSE. Just one question though, which mod do you use for the horns? There are many and don't remember if you already had this question. I love your work. Thank you
  8. Really nice character! thanks for sharing your pix. Wouln't mind to see some more?
  9. Awesome! Would love to see more of him in those great poses! Would love to try this character if you are willing to share. A real eyecandy! Thx
  10. Thanks. Always kind and fast to answer. I'm gonna try them on. You might not be a texture artist but your pix are art material! You're talented, don't deny it. I love your stories and characters! Keep it up mate Ced
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