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  1. No, that would just remove the underwear, it wouldn't affect the genitals.
  2. after you find an armor that already has it you just copy and paste the branch into the nifs. I don't use SoS with SAM so I don't know the specifics of getting them to work together. If this still does not work, then perhaps slot 52 is being used by the armor. That would need to be fixed in the esp.
  3. SAM and SOS use completely different methods to handle whether or not an armor should be revealing. With SAM, you need to add a SAMRevealing branch to the nif (you can find one in any of the skimpy armors from the main SAM download page) , then under BSLightingShaderProperties, change alpha from 0 to 1. This needs to be done for both the _0 and the _1 nifs.
  4. Try using this one and tell me if it works or not. malebody.tri
  5. Gotta be more specific. What tri file are you trying to import? Malebody.tri?
  6. Oh that's super strange. I get no gaps using those bodies.. I guess it might be related to something else. Glad you found a workaround regardless.
  7. There is no modular function. This is a feature that was being worked on at a time but it never made it into a release.
  8. The tattoo issue should be fixed by moving SAMBody up higher in the nif, before the other NiTriShapes. For the gap, I explained how to fix that issue to someone else in this topic
  9. Open the nifs, expand the nitrishapes, look in the nitrishapedata for "Consistency Flags" and change it to mutable repeat for all nitrishapes in _0 and _1
  10. It might be a consistency flag thing. Make sure they're set to CT MUTABLE in nitrishapedata for all the parts.
  11. Yeah, if the armor is using slot 52 then there will be a hole regardless. The gap..I don't know why it happens. But I do know a way to fix it. For whatever reason that I can't explain, there are a couple slightly different SAMBody meshes out there and one of em causes that gap if you try to make it revealing. I haven't messed around with revealing armors too much so I don't know why. To fix it you can just swap out the body you're using for the "correct" one. If you need an HDT body, you can use the ones from the HDT BBB mod. If you need a non-HDT body, you can use the ones from this giant clothes refit that I did a few months ago. I would save a set of the _0 and _1 for each body for use in future refits.
  12. you only need the revealing node. to get it to show in game you need to set the alpha to 1 in BSlightingshaderproperties
  13. I believe it's automatically given to you.
  14. there are several ways, but this mod comes with a spell that you can cast on NPCs to do it.
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