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  1. It was just to see if I could get it ingame. Had lots of trouble getting this far so went as simple as possible. The uv gave loads of problems but finally got it I think. It is only high weight and it's for oldrim the only one I play. As for future plans sure I try to make all bodies available as well as all game versions. That could be hard as I can't really see the results so it will be last. How much I do will depend on if people even want a working anus on Sam. Testing for me is hard any ways as I like females. I just noticed no one had done anus on males and I want it because if you get beat defeated then well it's a funny punishment.
  2. This is very easy to do. Just open up OS and highlight the parts you want collision on and make a new shape. The rest is just change the shapes in nifscope to static get rid of textures and you have collidable body. This is of course only for smp pe is not worth working on anymore.
  3. Looking for testers who has Male on Male animations to test out anus sam. It is for smp only so far and I only have 100 weight made and ingame. Anus_Sam.7z SAMBody.xml
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