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  1. hi how are u today.  I'm a big fan of yours, you do amazing work. i would like to request a skimpy armor replace for this mod "Volkihar Knight - Vampire Armor"  and this mod that uses the first armor called  "Coldhaven - A Vampire City" se         



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    2. ace321


      oh thanks (but im new to this game) it looks like that armor is all ready in the Dawnguard DLC i think, the main vampire lord has this armor, and i dont think you may have forgot that armor or something. also the Dragonborn DLC you did not do yet as well. sorry for the mix up,  I apologize for not noticing this, i am a little bet mental.

    3. kreiste


      Reading from the description, I think the mod also changes the the vampire lord's equipment in addition to adding new armor set. It is indeed a custom armor and probably will replace the one from my mod; though I'm not sure because I don't use it. 

      Dragonborn DLC will come soon, there's just a lot of armor and I'm a bit tired doing that so I'm taking a little break before continuing. I already got half the armors done btw. It's coming soon. 

      And no problem!

    4. ace321


      😁 thank you! now im so happy i could scream. lol
      your the best!

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