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  1. Bumping this, because im still interested in getting this to work properly
  2. Im sorry, your screenshots just stand out more to me I suppose and i definitely agree that there is no need for competition; it seems like the gay community already struggles getting along with one another for various reasons. sometimes great people strive when others put them down, and others simply don't want to put up with it, which is understandable. its unfortunate the funk @NeutronSphere seems to be in. Im uncertain the majority age group on this site, but there seems to be a generational conflict, which isn't abnormal, but im 22, and I can definitely say ppl my age group, gays, just don't appreciate things the way they should. There world(well some parts) is a much friendlier place to be gay in now. I respect the older gay folks a lot too, and am happy they get to see how things have changed for the better in some ways. Especially ones who finally can get married when it was impossible before. very touching
  3. @NeutronSphere Wow, man you've developed something greater than HDT PE? Well im sad the community seems to put you down. But then again, if youre mostly speaking on other mod developers, than its no surprise; ppl would view you as competition (even though nobody gets paid) but more from a social level aspect. Its kind of like how theres this "beef" between Fore (FNIS) and Shikyo (Nemesis) fans because for so long Fore was the main staple for the community as far as animation goes; now a decade later, Nemesis arrives, and its essentially much better. Fore has left the community for good now; most likely in part the fact everyone is making the switch in order to play with more advanced mods with different animations. Just like here, for example @Don seems to be the master photographer, so if someone were to upscale their stuff and dedication like he, depending on who he is, he might be a little annoyed. But what id like to see, is oneday, when Skyrim Together is fully out and playable, some of us here, can get in a server somewhere and have a group shoot lol as opposed to trying to out do others. If the big authors or certain authors aren't paying you attention then you most likely already have it. Sometimes ppl can be smug when theyre passionate about certain things. For someone like me, who has 0 modding experience, I sometimes feel im so undeserving of some of the incredible mods developed and given out for FREE. So, for me, id like to encourage you to continue your works, cause theres always gonna be that hater out there, but at the end of the day if you have something truly great, even they will secretly enjoy it lol
  4. Sorry for the late reply, ive not really gotten too too involved with the community; I remember reading the previous comments from a while back, but I didn't think much of it. My biggest gripe which I feel we all share is the overwhelming lack of male content, against the ever thriving overloaded titty mods, wonderful female armors, and now recently an actual working vagina lol. As silly as it might seem to some to request a working asshole for a video game, I literally don't care if they disagree with it. We (im assuming) are all adults, and this whole site is the gold mine for gay/ male content, sexual or otherwise. Some people may actually want to get off lmao, idk, but to each their own. I want it just because of its value. who ever did it would literally be making modding history, especially for gay skyrim lol. I hope someone develops it oneday, just so we can sort of "keep up" with the other spectrum of the skyrim community. there are so many ways to play as a beautiful female in skyrim, males? This site is it, exclsive to male content and the amount is still miniscule compared.
  5. bumping this thread for a working male skyrim butthole in 2020. #Butthole2020
  6. Has anyone attempted making these mods work properly together? That would be amazing.
  7. The title speaks for itself.. im looking for more armors and hairs for the boys, preferably SMP, I believe ive exhausted HDT options, atleast as far as armor is concerned, now im looking to run both HDT-PE and SMP together, which is apparently possible. Please if you know of any secret treasure trove for these things, point me in the right direction lol.
  8. I think, in theory, this would fix clipping, and make any tedious positioning almost unnecessary since well... it would function like a real butthole lol.
  9. Same man, ive seen a female version, so its definitely possible. I personally want for the art, as silly as that may sound lol. we have ultra realistic skin and body parts, it seems like something is missing when you clip thru your character and he has no insides XD.
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