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  1. I've fixed the older textures with wrong position nipples. The textures are the same.
  2. why you spent time to convert them when already exists a conversion?
  3. This is not for SAM, i refitted it for SOS bodybuilder only.
  4. SAM needs SKSE64 to works, without a working release of SKSE64 and maybe a new recoded version of SAM and its requirements forget about it ,its morphs and its schlong in Skyrim SE.
  5. maybe the ankle band can be removed with nifskope
  6. Thanks for sharing! I've noticed wrong armed bracelets 1st oerson view.
  7. Done! Thanks for reply and for instructions. Now works fine.
  8. Thanks for sharing! Removing some armors pelvis parts the hole is not replaced by penis as usually happens in most SAM armors. I'm using tje HDT one. I've removed: clout, clout rear and underwear NiTriShape in both _0 and _1 nif
  9. I ever wanted apply a different textures to the SAM head (as SAM does in the other body parts) but I never found how do this. Anyone knows do it or where find a guide/tutorial how to use NiOverRide in scripting? Thabks in advance.
  10. I've melted various normal maps in my personal one and this is it:
  11. T71’s S.A.M. Extra Hairy Furball V1.1 —————————————- Updated to V1.1 Corrected nipples position 1. Install only one of my archives overwriting when asked. (1K) http://www.mediafire.com/file/124vg5qdayme0dj/T71SAMExtraHairyFurball1dor1-1K.rar (2K) http://www.mediafire.com/file/3x15658p7cl5hne/T71SAMExtraHairyFurball1dor1-2K.rar (4K) http://www.mediafire.com/file/xhjl1oh73rmhh04/T71SAMExtraHairyFurball1dor1-4K.rar Note: To restore default texture must reinstall SAM’s textures original mod or before to install my archive backup from data/textures/actors/charater/male: these files: Malebody_5.dds Malehands_5.dds
  12. T71’s S.A.M. Extra Hairy Furball —————————————- Description: This archive replace only the default SAM Furball Body Texture so you can keep other types (less hairy, smooth etc) 1. Install one of my archives overwriting when asked. (1K) - T71SAMExtraHairyFurball1K.rar (2K) - T71SAMExtraHairyFurball2K.rar (4K) - T71SAMExtraHairyFurball4K.rar Note: To restore default texture must reinstall SAM’s textures original mod or before to install my archive backup from data/textures/actors/charater/male/: these files: Malebody_5.dds Malehands_5.dds
  13. Knight Armor & Breton Knight Armor (Refit & Reveal SOSBB)
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