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  1. AConfusedKnight


    I seriously need to know where you got them sunglasses from.
  2. I've linked a patch in the description that changes the branches of the SAMGenital and SAMForeskin on the Malebody_0 and Malebody_1 meshes to occupy slot 52 as the loincloth is assigned to slot 52 as well so when an underwear is equipped the loincloth comes off. If you're using an exotic follower they might not be using the Malebody standard Malebody_1 meshes like the PC or vanilla NPC's as some follower mods come with their own meshes. I fix this by either: Using RaceCompatibility that uses ActorProxies (like ActorProxyKhajiit for example) that way my Lykaios, Lungaris, Cellan and Fennec races use the body and textures of the Khajiit whereas my Equine race use the Redguard body. Or going into CreationKit and editting the Skin of the race. You only need to make sure the meshes use a Samlight compatible Malebody_1, malefeet_1, malefeet_1 and of course compatible textures for Samlight too. You also need to make sure the ArmorAddon for the Skin of the race is also has slot 52 Also it might be you've downloaded the wrong file as there's two version of the armor. One that's revealing with the loincloth and one without the loincloth.
  3. Could you make a version thats slot 52 so it can be compatible with C.U.P thus allowing us to wear this alongside revealing armor? I've already done this for myself so you could either: 1) Give me permission to upload a slot 52 version 2) Tell me to give you the files to save yourself the time and effort so you can have it as an optional download as not everyone will know/can be bothered to change the slot 3) Make me keep it all to myself for some reason
  4. Nope unfortunately I haven't put any compatibilities for regular SAM for Skyrim LE only SAMlight for SE. Although there is a similar mod:
  5. @Ordev No just me being a stupid prick and not putting in the correct pathfiles so the meshes ended up going to the Data file and not the Dragonbone files. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  6. View File C.U.P Refitted Dragonplate Armor for Samlight SE My incredibly slooty armor for that extra proud warrior. Credits go to for krieste for the right pauldron and the back strap but I changed so much about his refit and deleted so much that it kinda becames its own thing. Requires: Submitter AConfusedKnight Submitted 07/12/2020 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by  
  7. Version 3.0.0


    My incredibly slooty armor for that extra proud warrior. Credits go to for krieste for the right pauldron and the back strap but I changed so much about his refit and deleted so much that it kinda becames its own thing. Requires:
  8. Alarm bells went off immediately when you said wrist gaps. Armor Addons, its important you know what you're doing with these, simply ticking 32 for Armor and 32 slot for Armor Addon isn't good enough as item slot is obviously the slot they take in your Equipped slots but the Armor Addon is what they'll actually override. Slot 32 is fine but in Armor Addon you need to do slot 32(for the torso itself), 34 (for wrist gap), slot 38 (fixes calve gap) and if you want the revealing armors to be compatible with underwear download CUP for Samlight SE (my mod) and also highlight slot 52 as well. Don't also be rascist and add Beast Race compatbility by Armor Addon in the Models category, for some reason if you go on any vanilla helmet you have to tick the Show All Models to actually see them so you can learn to reverse engineer it yourself. But for humans obviously highlight all human races (including vampire versions) in Additonal Races section of Armor Addon and when creating compatbility for Beast Races create another Armor Addon and only highlight the Beast Races. If you're using Bodyslide to refit the helmets my advice is to Save As with a SAM body to create a new project then import head meshes for a human, khajiit and argonian. The head meshes will be infuriatingly misalligned but thats why you have the body; simply move the head to align with the body (not the body to the head, we need the body because it has the correct locational reference). After refitting simply delete the body and head mesh. I'd do this myself but I don't have your permission to distribute these fixes as my own mod. But i can give advice to make life easier for you in the future or for others stumbling across this message.
  9. View File C.U.P: Compatible Underwear Patch for Samlight SE What does this mod do?: Its a base for modders to make underwear and revealing armors compatible so that you can wear underwear that covers your dick and wear revealing armor at the same time. How does it do it?: Adds slot 52 into the armoraddon of TorsoNaked and KhajitTorsoNaked Changes the Malebody_0.nif and Malebody_1.nif meshes so that SAMGenitals and SAMForeskin have skin partitions to slot 52. If you don't want the High Poly Meshes for Malebody then simply drop the ESP file into your Data file and go onto your Malebody_0.nif and Malebody_1.nif meshes and change the skin partitions for SAMForeskin and SAMGenitals branches to slot 52. What's the point?: This is so you can have underwear that only takes up one slot and that is the traditional genitalia slot (52) from SAM and SOS in Oldrim. Armors usually take up slot 32 but also slot 34 and 38 in the armoraddon slots to replace the torso, calves and forearms but this one only hides the genitals which is the entire point of underwear so thats a lot less headache for modders and users who want to accessorise. What we have now for Samlight SE is that genitals take slot 32 and old underwear mods have the underwear take slot 52 so you end up with underwear clipping through your junk. I love combining armors and i want to have both to personalise my tastes much more, for example: "Oh noe, this revealing armor is too skimpy, i don't want his dick hanging out thats... UNIMMERSIVE." Fear not, give dat hoe some boxers, hell even pants that occupy slot 49, it only needs to be in slot 52 in armor and armor addon. "Oh noe, i want skimpy vanilla armor but i want people to have the option for underwear so i have a broader appeal!" Have your armor take slot 32 and in armoraddon 32,34,38 and 52. In the item's mesh make sure the SAMGenital and SAMForeskin are set to have Skin Partition slot 52. "Oh noe I'm a modder and I wanna make underwear but im scared of neck and wrist gaps" Not an issue as slot 52 in armor and armoraddon will only replace the genitals, as long as you refit it not to clip into your hips things shall be fine. Extra notes: This is specifically for Samlight Skyrim Special Edition! I've yet to actually add any example underwear. This is simply a patch, i plan to add one as an example so you can see if this works using additem. Make sure to have this at the bottom of your load order! This is my first "mod" ever, ive probably fucked up in a thousand different ways. My real only intention is to give information for people looking to refit/make revealing armors since the Samlight SE seems to still have uncharted territory. I encourage criticism as it'll be the the only way I'll learn! Submitter AConfusedKnight Submitted 06/13/2020 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by  
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