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  1. Did you ever upload that revealing Wolf Knight armor from Dark Souls?
  2. Neat! I can’t wait to remove the underwear in Nifskope 😋
  3. AConfusedKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    May I has link to that armor?
  4. AConfusedKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    You mind checking your messages I sent a DM about what mods you use for your khajiit and you never replied.
  5. AConfusedKnight

    Skimpy Dragonplate and Dragon Scale

    Don't worry your pretty little head thanks to LuckyHarris he was able to show me what to do with a very helpful tutorial, now i must be off; my modular files with potential slootiness need me!
  6. AConfusedKnight

    Skimpy Dragonplate and Dragon Scale

    I've PM'd you a message incase it hasn't alerted your or something.
  7. AConfusedKnight

    Skimpy Dragonplate and Dragon Scale

    Could you perhaps do it? The author said yes he would and as far as I can tell, like, died afterwards as far as I can tell as I have nothing to disprove that theory so far...
  8. AConfusedKnight

    Taking some refit requests

    Just wear pants then, I’m on the lookout for armor where their dick is out lol
  9. AConfusedKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    You mind sharing this armor? I think i've got mine skimpy put no dick hanging out, i need such things for erm.... Science?
  10. AConfusedKnight

    Taking some refit requests

    Would you be able to refit armor he Arcadia Hauberk, Chaos Bloodplate Hauberk, Ebon Shroud Robe or Necrosin Robe from this mod? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1267-sos-tera-male-armor-conversion-for-sos I know its not your style blah blah blah but there's no harm in asking.
  11. AConfusedKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Silverwing, just kidding, this is actually Inigo. I might have SLIGHTLY editted him. enb 2018_07_23 16_26_15_89.bmp enb 2018_07_23 16_28_18_71.bmp
  12. AConfusedKnight

    Hard Bodies for SAM (And much more)

    You mind sharing how you did that? I only installed Hardbodies mainfile but but I only see the hardbodies on regular male races and not argonians.
  13. AConfusedKnight

    Hard Bodies for SAM (And much more)

    I don't know where to look? i downloaded the file but it work for regular male races but not argonians. I only installed Hardbodies mainfile and nothing else so is there something im missing?
  14. If I gave an armor to a custom follower i made and reloaded my game after quitting then his body would be rest to 0 even though I maxed out his SAM values, i'd only be able to temporarily fix it by going into the MCM and changing the values individually, sometimes reloading through a door would fix this issue or taking off the slot 32 armor. BUT I did find that the follower mod Inigo wouldn't reset if I reloaded him. If i set him to 100 samuel, even with armor on, he'd still keep that shape. What magical secrets does the loveable rogue hold?! And i tried something risky and I changed his race to an argonian and he still functions (although theres a weird glitch with skyrim creation kit where editted argonians have grey heads no matter what, so I had to make his skin match). I managed to change his weight ratio using in-game console commands (doing through creation kit won't work) from 50 to 100 by using SETNPCWEIGHT 100 (if you have a mouse wheel hover your mouse over him and scroll till you see his name whilst in the console command screen), however when i did his face turned complely white (pretty much the creation kit glitch again) even when i went through a door but don't be alarmed; if you save, quit from skyrim and reload the save his face will be back to normal blue IF you haven't editted his face or race. I have no idea if this works for other modded followers or vanilla followers all I know is that I made a basic follower who kept resetting his appearance after i quit skyrim if he wore anything in slot 32. I would've recommended familiar faces but that shit is a buggy mess and doesn't properly support SAM in my experience as my playercharacter-follower would be an abomination unless i used the most basic values in Racemenu and his abs never showed unless... You guessed it, changed his individual values in the MCM menu. Most of us surely have buff followers and there surely HAS to be an easier solution than frankensteining poor Inigo!