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    I seriously need to know where you got them sunglasses from.
  2. I've linked a patch in the description that changes the branches of the SAMGenital and SAMForeskin on the Malebody_0 and Malebody_1 meshes to occupy slot 52 as the loincloth is assigned to slot 52 as well so when an underwear is equipped the loincloth comes off. If you're using an exotic follower they might not be using the Malebody standard Malebody_1 meshes like the PC or vanilla NPC's as some follower mods come with their own meshes. I fix this by either: Using RaceCompatibility that uses ActorProxies (like ActorProxyKhajiit for example) that way my Lykaios, Lungaris, Cellan and Fennec races use the body and textures of the Khajiit whereas my Equine race use the Redguard body. Or going into CreationKit and editting the Skin of the race. You only need to make sure the meshes use a Samlight compatible Malebody_1, malefeet_1, malefeet_1 and of course compatible textures for Samlight too. You also need to make sure the ArmorAddon for the Skin of the race is also has slot 52 Also it might be you've downloaded the wrong file as there's two version of the armor. One that's revealing with the loincloth and one without the loincloth.
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