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  1. oh wow! that's awesome!!! @Melesse keep up the excellent work! @KouLeifoh
  2. Mmm then I honestly might switch because even though neck gaps aren’t a huge deal overall, it just irks me and with the added stability it’ll be better I suppose then again a I’m not sure how many adult mods Are out for se
  3. hey, I know this isn't part of the development of sam for se but I was wondering if I should switch to sse, I've been on the fence about this and I'm a bit unsure, sorry if seems like a stupid question
  4. yes, when I change those values, a really big seam from the top of the torso and the base of the neck appear I've made a thread of this problem with pics
  5. Everytime I change the Samuel and Samson values for other npcs and each time I do, there's a REALLY noticable neck gap and I've tried pretty much everything to fix it, what I want to know is if I can change these values without any seams?
  6. can anyone tell me if there even is a fix for neck gaps with this body?
  7. Can someone give me proper refits with the consent of the original creator? I've tried everything and the neck seam is still there- it's really frustrating and I'm unsure about switching to sse, not a lot mods for it imo
  8. I really would like to know what I’m doing wrong, I even followed the pristine Skyrim Sam installation guide and still got the neck gap
  9. ok then am I suppose to manually install the refits because I did download the refits from the sam atlas mod page so I dunno
  10. I’m pretty sure I installed the correct ones, I installed only the vanilla refits, I don’t believe I have a mod that conflicts with weight I’ve posted my mods in an earlier post and I’m using original Skyrim; not sse
  11. oh I see, I'm not sure what to do then I guess I'll modify them if I have to but I have no clue how or where to start
  12. I've done this So I should refit them myself? @KouLeifoh
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