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  1. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Hi Nazeem. Think you took the wrong portal
  2. neutraldude

    E Honda

    Sumo wrestler from Street Fighter I stumbled on a way to reproduce his hundred hand slap a little too accurately, and could do his torpedo too I can make an okay Honda with Dizona, but this isn't my area of... yeah, plus cant use that anyway. So should anyone be interested in making this big guy with SAM as a community upload yeah we can have a pretty cool sumo in Skyrim that can whoop some ass
  3. neutraldude

    Skyrim Bowser mod / spiked bracelets mod?

    No idea if it could at least be a base to work off of. Might be better than nothing though https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24709/?
  4. neutraldude

    Resource: Animated Fiery Eyes

    I never saw this sorry. Kind of an archive status here. Yeah I've done a "Go Saiyan" thing before where my hair flowed and was very blond/yellow so I imagine doing that wouldn't be much of a stretch. One of those things I might do at some point. It does sound interesting, but yeah, doable
  5. neutraldude

    Membership - Control Addon For SAM

    Yeah guys I made this mod with a little more of a silly tone than I would have if I made it today. I was new at the time and thought this was a welcome element At any rate I applied archive status to this, is what it is, as is. Anything in the future will be a separate mod, , and focus on more control and other options like posing and ninode scaling via key
  6. Slot 52 aka pelvis needs to be enabled on both the armor and armor addon in question. Try it with multiple armors if you only tried a couple. Beyond that you might have mods interfering or something. Depends what you have goin on
  7. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I like the way you think
  8. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Maybe the ENB is causing that hand blur in the middle two. Never seen that before
  9. neutraldude

    New Race

    Bipedal like pandarians in WoW? Or all fours like regular pandas? I assume the former. You would need new textures which far as I know do not exist. You can try searching for Japanese or asian mods though, I've been surprised many times the things they make
  10. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I've barely played Fallout. Keep meaning to since Beth seems to def "want" it to be their main franchise. That is interesting tho they do a settlement transfers. My next iteration of Blueprints will be at the Starfield
  11. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Making a mod called Starfield. Lets you re-create any cell you want
  12. Prolly my bad explaining it..My npcs I just attach behavior graph to their nif vs assigning them a race. In the end everything in this game is just digits anyway. But w/e way off topic. Good luck OP
  13. Not sure I fully follow but I think I have a good system down now. Most of my boys are just posing/scene models so they dont have to be actors. I make them static models and this exempts them from so much of the rules and BS when trying to get everything to match. I can copy the face BSShader Property to all skin and get a perfect blend. Then just move the damn neck, lol The extent I abuse NifSkope NSFW
  14. You say neck patch like its a thing? Would that be faster than what I do? What I end up doing is adding a custom node at the spine so I can close the gap without messing changing any other nodes. Same deal if I want to custom fit something to a dizona body and stuff like that