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  1. LMAO. Just a 90% chance I am high as Hrothgar when I'm in modding mode (I live in Colorado so the legal kind) You can thank Kirax, he was a little mean to ya, lol ❤️ him tho. I'm more of a coder than a 3D expert so no guarantees but I'll work on it
  2. Been meaning to change this at-the-time-placeholder name, wonder if I can do that Oh goodness. "Doing a lot with my argonians" ahem what I meant was: Having nasty forbidden barnyard sex with my reptilian sexual deviants. Sorry for any confusion
  3. I've been doing a lot with my argonians and khajiits recently and I like the sound of that. I can PM you something to try out but might be a bit I would probably make it an addon along the lines of how cock piercings work
  4. Studio was basically made for female so not surprising. Boy you really run into weird stuff
  5. I know.. long shot So basically the only thing really keeping me from lifting those annoying Actorbase limitations in my Blueprints mod.. is math What the mod currently does is process a list of known Hex IDs that I pre-assigned in the mod. This limits me because I have to manually enter every single possible one, and have no way to accommodate for outside forms like other races which I know people really want supported and various other situations I am attempting to use GetFormID() to identify the actorbase so I can print the proper facegen. It works actually, but the problem is it only gives me the decimal value. What I need is the hexidecimal value. In short, this is not stable the moment you change load order or a number of other factors. So yeah, anyone by any remote chance know how to get SKSE or Papyrus to give me the hex?
  6. neutraldude

    Membership - Control Addon For SAM

    If you are wanting to use this Don PM me and I can share a version you can try that lets you remap keys If I release another controller I will just make it a plugin-based one. At the time I was trying out the general concept of using existing aliases, but it just gives me more work to do to not have my own plugin so meh
  7. neutraldude

    Resource: Animated Fiery Eyes

    After I confirmed its okay to use the XPMSE skeleton as a base I changed to using that, so anyone with concerns there can disregard the above deterrent. It is controllable what NPCs use these, and this is shared as a resource which means it is meant to be either used as is, or adapted as desired. The latter is encouraged
  8. Guess that explains a few things I ran into with both of those There are some SKSE armor functions that would probably do it. I haven't done too much with those particular ones yet
  9. neutraldude

    Blueprints - Make Followers From Presets

    Outside of me not really being on SE bandwagon yet... RaceMenu SE is very beta still I understand. Blueprints interfaces intimately with RM to make all this happen so it will definitely need all its features available before I try doing that. Might partially work right now, just kind of waiting to go down that road
  10. I assumed SoS and SAM used the same tech. So SAM does not do this? How do SAM users get their groove on then? Manual gear swaps I guess So I looked at the SoS scripts. This is a decent chunk of what SoS is doing. It would have to be adapted to SAM if it doesn't already do this also
  11. Edit: So here... Roughly the same concept. I really love that SAM Blacksmith Apron. Insert reasons here I had the desire to attach a flaccid penis The Dizona one is perfect for the job. I just swap out if I want to use the SAM penis or w/e I know I'm a 3D novice, but you sometimes pickup a few things ReEdit: I am excited with this in itself. The model here is an activator in the CK. Not even an NPC. But has all human animations. It's giving me some options
  12. I probably preach this too much, but it works so reliably I transplant a Dizona penis here. Takes adapting, but I really love that one and use it for situations like this
  13. neutraldude

    SAM Light BIG nose piercing?

    You can always add the jewelry to the body part/appendage directly in NifSkope I do this with penis jewelry and other things. Just make a separate model in the CK and use it on actors you want to have it
  14. Lot of people use 3DSMax to make animations and I understand older versions like 2012 are more suited for the job but I should think there are newer/better ways. Hard to pinpoint this kind of thing. People don't often share this knowledge As for packs, I had a guide up for a little bit on making one, but saw some things I should approach differently since my method requires making scripts. Would want to want to revise the process I too would def also like to know if there is an easy method out there to create new animation files