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  1. neutraldude

    Asian Face

    Anyone ever notice Asian males in Skyrim just arent a thing. Theres some screens of a few so it appears to be very possible, just not something thats rly been done Long shot but if anyone knows how one would go about pulling off a face like this I'd def appreciate it
  2. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Indeed kinda crappy. I dont have the patience for sculpting hotties or making textures but some reason I can script crazy crap hours on end cuz its so fun Be neat to collab with someone whos good at that stuff
  3. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Maybe behind a pay wall lol. No idea TBH. You sound newish to male modding. Thats just how it is our side of the fence and why that is... let me know when you find out
  4. neutraldude

    Racemenu Presets for SAM?

    Word. You might try Nexus too. There are quite a few decent ones on there just you cant pay attn to endorsements, cuz you know
  5. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Think someone is getting a royal pardon
  6. neutraldude

    Poses for screenshots

    Whichever one is or has MK poser is one of my go tos 30s, stocky muscular. Face pic S2R
  7. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Just messing with it atm. Unfortunately I was just let in on some info today of a factor that may explain quite a few things These are not my words and not sure how accurate or not they are, but in light of that all the same, Id love to convert some things if its feasible. And dunno whats up with the black bar
  8. neutraldude

    Taking some refit requests

    Yeah I saw that, and I did also PM him actually, as it cant hurt to have a few people ask. Guess we'll see
  9. neutraldude

    Taking some refit requests

    Appears to have permission hurdles. If you can get me a screen of him okaying this to be on Vector I'll give a SAM conversion a shot. I converted this for something else before, and I might be decent enough at this now to do it with a SAM overhaul so let me know if you get the green light. Kilts
  10. neutraldude

    Help! Junk Clipping

    On classic I have the genitals attached to the bodies too so deal with this a lot. It could be a simple matter of shifting around some settings the CK or XEdit, or the mesh may need to be adapted, or both. Depends how the nif is made. There are some Nifskope guides here that may help if you haven't used it before. Pretty handy to have around for stuff like this
  11. neutraldude

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Just a taste
  12. neutraldude

    Upscaling Werewolves

    I dont use SAM Core but pretty sure all his scripts do in the end is call NetImmerse. He may also be doing it to more nodes or a couple additional things like tracking the size and race etc To just change the size right now here is how you would do it in your own script Float DesiredGirth = 2.0; Change this to 0.1 to barely see it or 10.0 or something to make it bigger than you ObjectReference Playuh = Game.GetForm(0x14) as ObjectReference String DownThere = "NPC GenitalsBase [GenBase]" NetImmerse.SetNodeScale(Playuh,DownThere,DesiredGirth,False); False here says dont worry about 1st person Or to just knock it out in one line and be done NetImmerse.SetNodeScale(Game.GetForm(0x14) as ObjectReference,"NPC GenitalsBase [GenBase]",2.0,False)
  13. neutraldude


    I understand these rely on keywords and other tags to recognize and manage your nudity. You probably have a conflict there where something removed or overwrote a tag that would handle underwear visibility. SoS being near the end there could be your culprit, so try moving it above other nude-oriented mods. If you are familiar with XEdit you can load everything to check out naked skin armatures, and make a custom patch where all the tags you need are at the end
  14. neutraldude

    Upscaling Werewolves

    Two routes off the top of my head. You could edit the applicable skeleton directly, or use NetImmerse calls like SetNodeScale with an OnEquip() or whatever event is related to transforming. Need a OnPlayerLoadGame routine if you go with the latter since NetImmerse changes are runtime only