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  1. Or some crazy nif editing I suppose. Consider me mystified otherwise :-P
  2. You sure you're not a scripter? That had to be tricky to pull off
  3. Dont know if you can directly imbed videos Panda. Maybe gifs. I just use the Gfycat website and it makes a link that will embed
  4. neutraldude

    Membership - Control Addon For SAM

    You are most welcome. Love to help with making men better, even if I suck at making them prettier! For the list problem I don't know how far along SKSE is for SSE so it might be a known missing feature for menus like this to work right. I may just cut those and use messageboxes. I was only using them at all because it let the mod be plugin-free At any rate, I am making a successor to this, with more capabilities, and it will be a plugin where you can just re-save it in the CK and use on SE. Source was always available if anyone wanted it but I'll just include it in the mod in case it could be helpful too
  5. neutraldude

    Post apocalyptic world with TES?

    That is a massive project else I would have made it. You'd have to clone Tamriel (or greatly violate the original) and redo basically... everything. Destroy the holds, trees... add monsters everywhere. So much. Doesn't sound boring to me, but it does sound daunting to implement Found something. No idea how good it is though: https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrimwastelandoverhaul
  6. I use the formlist approach and sometimes setskin and armoraddon repaths. Suppose I should do more with NiOverride too. Just cool seeing someone else do code talk
  7. When you say scripted randomization of normal maps, do you just mean selecting a random textureset from a formlist, or doing a model repath, or? Sorry just curious, don't see people talk about scripty stuff much
  8. Happy to see certain posters... posting, again
  9. I've talked to Vector a few times on discord aka he was willing to answer a few things lol. He seems pretty cool with whatever just ask him or an admin I guess. We have pretty decent assets including feet available though. Especially if you count Dizona
  10. LMAO. Just a 90% chance I am high as Hrothgar when I'm in modding mode (I live in Colorado so the legal kind) You can thank Kirax, he was a little mean to ya, lol ❤️ him tho. I'm more of a coder than a 3D expert so no guarantees but I'll work on it
  11. Been meaning to change this at-the-time-placeholder name, wonder if I can do that Oh goodness. "Doing a lot with my argonians" ahem what I meant was: Having nasty forbidden barnyard sex with my reptilian sexual deviants. Sorry for any confusion
  12. I've been doing a lot with my argonians and khajiits recently and I like the sound of that. I can PM you something to try out but might be a bit I would probably make it an addon along the lines of how cock piercings work
  13. neutraldude

    Resource: Animated Fiery Eyes

    After I confirmed its okay to use the XPMSE skeleton as a base I changed to using that, so anyone with concerns there can disregard the above deterrent. It is controllable what NPCs use these, and this is shared as a resource which means it is meant to be either used as is, or adapted as desired. The latter is encouraged
  14. Guess that explains a few things I ran into with both of those There are some SKSE armor functions that would probably do it. I haven't done too much with those particular ones yet