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  1. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Oh Dizona? Yeah he was the hero some of us needed. Beautiful as men we see in-game and in this thread are, you can still tell we are in a game. But very rarely have I seen something that I could be convinced was a photograph I know Dizona is taboo or something here but that is why its my favorite look. And daddy look isnt a thing btw though I agree a little variation without needing to do it ourselves would have been nice
  2. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Decided to port a few things. My Fallout Boy
  3. NeutronSphere

    flaccid genital mesh for SAM?

    Upd one in NSFW a bit ago dont know if you saw it. Tweaking some stuff I noticed and will be re-upping as a resource mod. Just another option. VFX-based no slot 52 or any slot
  4. The game reads nif data a lot more than many may assume. A lot of elements are things we are indeed setting, while others are us telling the game what this can do or we want it to do as possible. This one I am not 100% on but I believe it is the signal type as in it has to be actually mutable before that flag matters. Volatile is one I remember using once but cant remember what for, maybe a magic effect
  5. It more or less means it can be mutated, which IMO they should call it manipulatable but I guess thats longer. Malehead is static where as a facegen head is mutable for example. By the game this only matters when something is wanting it to budge basically. Stretchy I guess could be another word
  6. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Deeper Immersion... Bleh the spasms. Slowed down the guidance controllers for the clip and didnt seem so apparent until I looked at it again heh
  7. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    TBH, after some kind words from a few folks, it feels nice to say this. And you guys should post here more dont let their little circle deter you The fact of the matter is if I had posted above it would have gotten zzz. Its so nice to just, call it out. The only thing I dont understand, is why you guys do that, and I dont mean only to me. Its also why I think I'll hang around. Keep it coming Smidgen its very good scene man, just, IDK you guys should welcome others content too. Quiet lurkers, Ill vote ya
  8. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Flame Atronach-Human-hybrid rig I was working on recently. It accepts headparts and both human and atronach skin. Bone adjustments def recommened since the hybrid collab this was being made for isnt going forward so this is just the most recent checkpoint, but usable anytime on a custom race. Can also be used as a guide for other hybrids as one way to merge two skeletons, but this is def not the only way or nec best way, depends on the combo Express driving home after this version and apparently happy accident saiyan hair skel.nif Didnt make a plugin for this just replaced for test but one will be needed. For the custom race itself I like to use XEdit for the compare option and ez drag n copy lines to blend into a custom race, The only main things to ensure is to have all armature data for both there, use Atronach BPD and add headparts and select a morph race if you want facegen support. Faces are more or less handled the same as on a human but you basically have two heads now NPC Head [Head] and FireAtronach_Head [Head]. Either will work but they are positioned differently so its up to you. SoS works as expected and for behaviors on a hybrid you can get by using the graph from either race but the ideal is to use a custom graph that leans towards the dominant one + pick and choose anims depending ont the final build and personal taste. I hope a couple or so may find this of some use. Didnt want to make a mod page for a nif, but I did make a couple last second tweaks so PM if any issue applying skin. Female = forbidden with CTD failsafe built in. JK only a Labia failsafe. Take care
  9. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    LMAO. I guess nvm. You kool kids are something. Literally showed you how you could morph in realtime live on demand, exceeding typical morph limits. But I guess you dont want things. Nice quote sandwich up there btw Koulief. Good to know you think this is high school Oh BTW Don obv you are legit, and the atronach thing I will still look at if you want, and if you are familiar with ni controllers and a little SKSE scripting and havok manipulation you could put some of my stuff to good use. Live morph, penetration, etc. TBH for unrelated reasons I need to step back from the game anyway but it is a shame I will say ppl do this clique thing here. Its supposed to be a sanctuary for us to express ourselves so its very confusing to see you guys do this thing for some time now especially with the things you know I would enjoy offering but w/e Everything is fine Air, no need to make my post be undeletable, its been overdue. Those times ppl ask "wonder why we dont have xyz" or things like Vector left, it often boils down to something that is happening in the scene that makes a would-be-contributer saying nvm, I'll check PMs if anyone has any questions
  10. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Got a hand seam there you might wanna look at but very cute. Sitting there eating bread nekkid like no cares in the world
  11. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Reminds me of a Zonajiit I made once blending with Furry/Lykaios assets, but I had issues with blending a good face. Pritty kitty
  12. View File Surge - NetImmerse Genital Scaler This enables the player to scale his genitals in a quick convenient manner. Two spells are granted automatically. One to increase size and the other to decrease. Just cast each time you want to swell or shrink it by one increment While the increaser has no predefined limit and technically allows scaling to very unrealistic sizes, be aware massive sizes may begin to impact game stability. The decreaser never *TM drops below the default size of 1 since it skews the calculations if it were to drop below that. Not to mention why? Heh Node-scaling here is done via NetImmerse which is run-time-based only, meaning it will reset back to default on game reloads. This serves as a means of a hard reset if you want to it to be normal size and whatever reason something in the game is preventing it. Just reload and it is regular size. The mod is made in a way the increment can be changed without having to recompile by going into XEdit and change spell magnitude. The magnitudes of these need not match but it is recommended the swell value be a multiple of the decreaser value due to the way scaling is calculated SSE I do not have access to ATM but it would be a matter of saving the esp once in the 64Bit CK and it will work as expected. Requirements-wise if you are using Racemenu just plug and play. Otherwise copy NetImmerse.pex over before use and you are good to go Submitter NeutronSphere Submitted 10/04/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim