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  1. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Suppose theres a few weirder things.At least he looks happy now
  2. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Ah Joffrey. What an asshole
  3. Just wanted to say nice work. Can tell you put a lot of time into this and hope its helpful to a few folks
  4. NeutronSphere

    Searching for boyish preset.

    I really dig the frat boy theme Dizona def is my goto for that. If I wanna go a little younger the Bochu Race is a good choice, and you can take my Robert follower as a base if that helps.May not look it but hes full Bochu with extra weight and a beard. These two are the same face
  5. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    If you ever wondered what HDT penetration would/does look like HDT happens to have a lot of overlap with certain things I work on, so finally caved and played with it some. IMO... neat, and there is definitely some synergy there to use NiBillboards here especially since angle is very important and those let you EZ mode that. Overall Id say no ones missing much tho. Sounds nice, but for me personally there are too many inherent flaws with how all this works. I cant effing stand the collision bubble bullshit this does when you tell other actors to go at it, and the vibration you see things do when you approach a havok point. IDK maybe its cuz of the testing but I lost interest in this now
  6. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Werewolf race that uses both ww and human behavior. Can wear any skin or do anything that we can Not so tame. Never seen that one b4
  7. NeutronSphere

    Mighty Beasts SAM Patch?

    If that doesnt take care of it let me know. Been working on werewolves a good bit and can offer a thing or two as well
  8. NeutronSphere

    Download — Visually

    Forgot about this so just mentioning its up now
  9. For the schlong, if its attached to the body you could make another armature where it isnt attached and instead has coverage there using slot 52. I know mods handle that in different ways so it just depends which you use and how comfortable you are making edits to the mod if its not working out. I favor the script route where OnEquip() the situation is evaluated and appropriate steps taken For clipping there are pretty much two options AFAIK. Refit it in OS and attach tris, or what I like to do since custom race usually doesnt matter I fit their skeleton around the armor in Nifskope. That outfit I thought was very sexy and moreso with a bare chest, so I did that and made a few skel adjustments. Its part of a set appearance for ginger follower of mine, so this works out well, but for flexible usage youd need to go the legit refit route
  10. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Seems these female gifs here have kinda inspired me :-P
  11. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Its a preset I used. You can find it by putting nexusmods 64083. I edited it quite a bit though. Uses Dizona and made some other changes
  12. NeutronSphere

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Thanks for the comment Mojito. Faces dont have to be skinned so long as its acceptable to not have expressions or dialogue, so we can import any face and IMO that takes care of the hard part since we can emulate bodies a lot easier than faces. Thinking about doing Zangief/Ken/Blanca next :-P And eff Chun Li, she was a tough one when someone knew how to play her