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  1. Captured? Damn. Wheres Teen Wearbear when you need him most... Prolly having a grizzly time wherever he is I bet
  2. Quick lazy shot of some BBC. And a hole that can handle a BBC.... or three
  3. Make sure the root is NiNode. BSFade root for armature = Instant CTD. Cant hurt to reorder link arrays too. That can rarely cause it as well Assuming all bones are mapped no blanks thats all I can think of
  4. Makes me think of Kain that elf with the smirk. I need to track that one down again lol
  5. Got reminded of a neat one that reminds me of one of your drafts above. Its called Rajin and I dont remember where I got it but looks good on my Secretive Asian Man (SAM)
  6. Acrobat sounds awesome, and I mean also from a mechanics POV. Somersaults, choreograph-like attacks and movement. Crono BTW = From Chrono Trigger. Basically Cloud with Crimson hair and a slightly different outfit
  7. FNIS and Nemesis are animation extenders, and from what I have seen others say the two can be used together so if thats the case just use both and call it a day. Otherwise FNIS content can safely be removed. The worst case is your graph gets an animation event request that simply wont show if the behavior isnt present
  8. Sounds like you got the hard part knocked out. Nifskope is just picky over arbitrary things one might think it wouldnt be and its annoying. Unable to map parent link means a string. Thats it. The target nif you want to copy over simply has to have that string somewhere as a node name and then its happy. So whatever its parent name is just create a node over there of the same name then it should paste. If the parent has no name, give it one real quick first. Have to do that with facegens for example since they dont have a root name
  9. Still counts as peaceful TestBreed.webm Apparently I have nothing but time now so gonna make this penetration thing happen. Never tried it in game before so test breeding a twink, no physics stuff yet but yea pretty neat lol
  10. I used to spend way more time making nerdy stuff than m4m and its pretty much 50 50 now. Tellah mash up I did long time ago, not bad IMO but stuff like the hair is tricky. Why I love modding this game so much tho so many possibilities
  11. Not expecting any of this ever lol, but should the mood strike Cronos look from ofc that game, a revealing Cloud Strife. IDK how realistic skin-wise but always wanted a good Black Mage outfit from FF, since neat not sexual. And a niche game called Suikoden there are a lot of really neat looks there Id love to see. Riou, Clive, and Flik come to mind
  12. Cute ❤️ Eating takes conscious effort for me. Im in a state that it isnt in as bad a situation as others, but its def serious here, and making me a nervous wreck!
  13. Random import I thought looked neat. Stay safe peeps
  14. We're lucky its relatively mild as it is. It could just as easily been something with a much higher mortality rate, and many suspect as those ice caps melt, this will be something we see more and more of. Pretty unsettling :\
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