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  1. I tried searching in the DLs but unfortunately most are specifically for SAM Light. I tried Skysight from Nexus, looks amazing but it's just too veiny for me, I could try and edit it for personal use but I'm really not good in that department. Any recommendations perhaps?
  2. Thanks for the input @Dee Aeriel though rearranging it didn't do the trick unfortunately. Edit: I tried reinstalling SAM Morphs 'after' XPMSE and placed Racemenu at the bottom of the LO and it worked! Seems like my XPMSE skeleton is overwriting stuff. Thanks guys for the idea!
  3. Thanks for the response! I already have SAM Vanilla refits if you meant that? Well... I'm actually trying without armor but nothing's really happening. I think I did something wrong . Here's how I installed them in order: - SAM full - SAM Vanilla refits - XPMSE (Replace SAM skeleton) - RaceMenu - SAM Morphs (Oldrim, BodyGen2, Genital Morphs, replace all asked usually the genital .tri files) Does Load Order matter too?
  4. Hello! I know this supposed to be heavily used for SAM Light, but I'm trying to use this for SAM Full. However, when I move the sliders, it doesn't affect my character. And upon finishing, there are no changes. I tried disabling the scaling scripts for SAM but to no avail. Any idea why is working like this? My installed necessary mods (Oldrim): - XPMSE - SAM Full - SAM Morphs - Racemenu (latest version) - I didn't install SAM Light (is it required still?), UIextensions (as I'm not modifying NPCs)
  5. I love this mod. However, body hair textures doesn't seem to be appearing and my PC become smooth and clean all of a sudden. Hope you could address this.
  6. That's odd. I've been playing using SKSE loader and has never had minimizing problems. Maybe CTDs but that's about it.
  7. I'd be so happy to use this version as I for one, was asking if such feature exists. Apparently, the Schlong Ring Controller is kind of a hassle to use and is the only alternative available. Kudos!
  8. Enjoying this apron replacer. Seems like my man will love sharpening those swords...
  9. I'm able to merge both. It seems SAM's default is better since it matches the body color more (my previous attempt was a fail lol)
  10. Figured it out. I'm not using the "Extended" XPMSE lol. Thanks guys!
  11. How do you add those extra slider options? They don't seem to be in the default menus.
  12. Wow he's damn adorable! Racemenu it is for a more scrutinized customization huh. I actually installed it just for the sake of SAM haha. So it is really helpful for other customizations (damn ECE you don't help. LOL)
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