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  1. bluemask

    Furb's forsworn replacer for SAM

    I'm not sure but it has "fixed" on the filename.
  2. bluemask

    Furb's forsworn replacer for SAM

    I love this mod. However, body hair textures doesn't seem to be appearing and my PC become smooth and clean all of a sudden. Hope you could address this.
  3. bluemask

    Skyrim and Win10

    That's odd. I've been playing using SKSE loader and has never had minimizing problems. Maybe CTDs but that's about it.
  4. I'd be so happy to use this version as I for one, was asking if such feature exists. Apparently, the Schlong Ring Controller is kind of a hassle to use and is the only alternative available. Kudos!
  5. bluemask

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Enjoying this apron replacer. Seems like my man will love sharpening those swords...
  6. I'm able to merge both. It seems SAM's default is better since it matches the body color more (my previous attempt was a fail lol)
  7. bluemask

    Build Recommendation

    Figured it out. I'm not using the "Extended" XPMSE lol. Thanks guys!
  8. bluemask

    Build Recommendation

    Yes I have
  9. bluemask

    Build Recommendation

    How do you add those extra slider options? They don't seem to be in the default menus.
  10. bluemask

    Build Recommendation

    Wow he's damn adorable! Racemenu it is for a more scrutinized customization huh. I actually installed it just for the sake of SAM haha. So it is really helpful for other customizations (damn ECE you don't help. LOL)
  11. I know this all comes down to customization and preferences but I wonder how I could achieve a Swimmer's build or the Doritos body shape? Even if I reduce the weight and increase the Samson slider, it appears my Character looks like a Gym Rat. I know this is the ideal SAM build but I wonder if my preferred body type could be achieved?
  12. bluemask

    Controlling Erection?

    Ohhh it's a different item entirely. I see thanks so much
  13. I see, thanks. So SAM's also an edited version from that mod? Thanks for directing me to that!
  14. I have a preferred Face texture here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49716 I tried manually combining both the default of SAM and that one and an obvious seam shows due to lower quality. Is it possible to request? I couldn't seem to contact the author of the said mod.