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  1. Thank you I've been waiting for these
  2. yapi75

    The Hour of The Reaper: Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Nice ! Can't get enough of your conversions ?
  3. yapi75

    Mechanist Armor Replacer: Bodytalk V2

    Super hot replacer thank you Den987 ?
  4. yapi75

    (NSFW) SavrenX's El Cazador: Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Thank you Ulfberth you did a great job I love this armor ?
  5. yapi75

    (NSFW) SavrenX's Vault Suit V2 : BodyTalk V2 Refit

    This is great news thank you ! Can't wait to see your future conversions
    Thank you so much for your outfits they made me want to play Fallout 4 again ? If you take requests could you please convert all of SavrenX amazing male suits to Body Talk ? I don't know why but I'm unable to use his absolutely skimpy attire for male or el cazador : my character displays a female body instead of a male one ?