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  1. ryrytiedye

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    what is the proper load order? I have this mod enabled but it's not working. Sorry if this has already been explained; 70 comments is a lot to look over. I've gotten it to work before, but this recent update messed it up. My current load order is: SAM light SAM High Poly SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light HDT-SMP HDT BBB XP32 Skeleton
  2. thank you for sharing this
  3. This is meant for LE, too, correct?
  4. ryrytiedye

    Membership - Control Addon For SAM

    Hmm. Nothing happens when I press the Home key with this mod enabled. I'm playing SSE so that might be the issue.
  5. beautiful work. thank you for sharing this.
  6. ryrytiedye

    [SAM] Olgierd Von Everec

    Thanks for taking the time to upload these outfits lately :). I look forward to using them in-game!
  7. ryrytiedye

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for your patience and clarification
  8. ryrytiedye

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    So, if I'm understanding correctly, even when enabling the global config in this mod's installer, physics will not be enabled for male characters (i.e., bouncing) unless that character is naked? That's what I'm seeing in my game. I'd rather see the physics active for non-naked male characters, but I don't know how to get there. Also kind of new to modding so my mod load order is: SAM Light SAM High Poly HDT Physics SE HDT BBB Bounce for SAM(this mod) XP32 Skeleton
  9. ryrytiedye

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Wonderful! Thank you so much!
  10. ryrytiedye

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    How do I access the body hair overlays in the RaceMenu?
  11. ryrytiedye

    FlexFlexFlex Pose Pack

    Hmm. I'm following everyone's instructions and it seems that when I input any of the commands in game, the targeted npc just assumes a t-pose and nothing else.
  12. ryrytiedye

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    I'm excited to add this mod to my repertoire! I understand that it feels like we are constantly trying to "catch up" with other sectors of the modding community--if only to make/expand mods to include our tastes as well. But I really appreciate all the work that you've done to create and share your work regardless! You didn't have to go through all this hassle, but you chose to. So thank you. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
  13. ryrytiedye

    [SAM] Revealing Blacksmith Apron

    Oh, thank you very much! It seems that re-installing XPMSSE and then loading it after the SAM esp resolved the issue. Thank you; I appreciate the help!
  14. ryrytiedye

    [SAM] Revealing Blacksmith Apron

    I'm sorry, I was hoping you could provide further clarification on how to remedy the crashing issue? Whenever I have either the Revealing Robes or this Revealing Blacksmith mod installed, my game crashes when I try to load up a new area. The issue is probably related to the XPMSSE skeleton like you mentioned before, but even when I try re-installing the skeleton after enabling these mods, my game still crashes. Am I supposed to reinstall the skeleton in a certain why after downloading these mod files? Is there a particular mod order I should load them in? Currently, the XPMSSE skeleton loads before the SAM mod in my load order. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.