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  1. Hei , Don I installed the two, but I can't find anything. What is the search word?
  2. ihaaaaaaaaaaaaa .....Hadvar looks much better than before 😅 a.mp4
  3. @Darnexx I restarted the system, I started the game from the beginning. That's how it looks. Thanks for your time!
  4. i using SE 🥵 , Steam platform
  5. @Darnexx I did as you said. Something is not ok!
  6. @DarnexxI opened Vortex, but it appears to me. Thanks for trying to help me, but I think I'm not smart enough in terms of intelligence,My English doesn't help me at all . Big hugs from Romania !
  7. @KouLeifoh I don't have enough knowledge in editing, so I stop here. Thank you for your time!I would not want to break something in the game and take it all over again.
  8. @KouLeifoh Must SAM morph be installed alone or combined with SAM High Poly, lightweight SAM conversion? I installed SAM_Light v1.3 ,SAM morps and SAM High Poly & SAM Light Texture Add-on v1.1
  9. Can pubic hair configuration be changed in Skyrim special edition ? With @KouLeifoh's SAM Morphs for RaceMenu can't. Suggestions?🤪
  10. in the end I succeeded....hurayyy 😁
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