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  1. Szyver7


  2. Szyver7

    My Dovahkiin

  3. why is Inigo so cute and hot at the same time?



  4. The Jarl wants to test my power

    Skyrim 23_05_2021 23_52_38.jpg

    Skyrim 23_05_2021 23_52_382.jpg

    Skyrim 23_05_2021 23_52_383.jpg

  5. "You're wearing Mara's amulet? You? I'd marry you. I'd marry you twice."

    Skyrim 18_05_2021 15_39_41.jpg

    Skyrim 18_05_2021 15_39_412.jpg

    Skyrim 18_05_2021 15_39_413.jpg

    Skyrim 18_05_2021 15_39_414.jpg

    Skyrim 18_05_2021 15_39_415.jpg

  6. i got problem after i installed the light texture add on there's seam on the neck and the body texture is still using the previous one. but when i open racemenu it change to the light texture as shown in the picture but the seam move to the area around genital. could it be the installation order problem? i put my textures list i used in my game in case someone know the mod that might be the problem. thank you in advance
  7. omg thank you so much for sharing the preset! Riu is so cute, glad i have twink preset now i modified him a little bit
  8. 2035671733_Skyrim13_04_202123_52_12.thumb.jpg.6155375f425deb010ef58cb5efc051d4.jpg

    1. AConfusedKnight


      Mmmm those are some nice tits.

  9. 1777617698_Skyrim12_04_202102_51_02.thumb.jpg.6583230fc84a00bcbe111e34c6d68c9c.jpgwhat a lovely view

  10. someone please help, where can i find this armor after i install it?
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