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  1. I have experienced problems with some armors, If I do the refitting part without editing any slider(samson, samuel...etc) after conform the selected parts for an armor that needs SAMBody in the final mesh, the refit ingame looks good, exactly it looks in outfit studio, but if I do that editing the sliders for fix some clippings after conform it, the armor ingame looks with a lot of clipping totally different how it looks in outfit studio, why it happens that?
  2. Thank you so much for the guide! It works perfectly for me ^^
  3. KenshiNok678

    Shrouded Armor for SAM

    Other textures for sam full that I know are these: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74142
  4. KenshiNok678

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    Your refits mods are compatible with sam high poly mesh and sam light?
  5. KenshiNok678

    [SAM] RUMP Patch

    Okay, Thank you!
  6. KenshiNok678

    [SAM] RUMP Patch

    I cant get fully naked, when I remove all my clothes an underwear equips automatically and I cant remove it no way
  7. KenshiNok678

    [SOS] or [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Do you have this PBI hair texture in a separated file, ergo, only the hair textures?
  8. KenshiNok678

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    I can't download the parts, it says "network failure" I'm able to download 004 part only
  9. KenshiNok678

    Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

    Which body textures do you use?
  10. KenshiNok678

    Vindictus K9 Retouched Skimpy

    Wow amazing armor! I love your skin textures, Would you share it in the future?
  11. KenshiNok678

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Great job! will you upload that body textures in the future?
  12. KenshiNok678

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    How I have to install this if I want to use this as racemenu overlay? I have mod organizer
  13. KenshiNok678

    Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

    Wow great pics titi! I really like tattoos too, Which tattoo mod do you use?
  14. KenshiNok678

    Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

    I love the wet textures of your characters, nice screenshots!
  15. KenshiNok678

    Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

    Love it so much!!!!