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  1. Kirax

    Inner Collection

    It doesn’t, just like all LE mods
  2. Kirax

    Inner Collection

    Mind going into a bit more detail? What value are you using? Which ones are clipping? Where exactly does the clippings occur?
  3. Imagine a world where you can literally just ask for things and it will drop from the sky I would like to live there
  4. Just a smol project that I did for fun Vindictus Neamhain This is an exclusive reward for subscribing to my patreon, because there is currently no reason to subscribe to it whatsoever. Well there is one now. And I will be making more throughout the next two months. To the guys that supported me last month, thanks. To the others, don't worry I will always publish more free stuff and I promise their quality will get better and better.
  5. Kirax

    Download — Inner Collection

    View File Inner Collection A collection of underwears. HDT-BBB for SAM is required. Let me know about clipping in the comments, I'll try my best to fix them. Submitter Kirax Submitted 11/12/2018 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A collection of underwears. HDT-BBB for SAM is required. Let me know about clipping in the comments, I'll try my best to fix them. Also these screenshots are kinda ugly but I'm too lazy to actually try so
  7. Christ that was it. Solved this bullshit. I swear whoever set the default skeleton to female is a fucking retard like what the actual fuck
  8. This is an edited version of the SAM genital mesh. The closest I can get the mesh to the original body is to erase all weights, but only paint it all blue at the pelvis bone. What you said (copying the base male body's weight around the crotch area) does not work. The gap is huge. It's almost as if this mesh will only completely connect to the male body if I don't weigh it at all. Why can't everything just work? This is giving me a fucking headache
  9. I mean it looks fine in outfit studio And it's morph file is in the .tri. There are no gaps anywhere but in game I get this Any idea why?
  10. That’s cause there’s no weight slider. All these armors are at 100 weight and characters that are under 100 will get a neck gap.
  11. I mean I'm looking for flaccid penis mesh and you just provided one. So thank you.
  12. Is it a flaccid one that will fits into this underwear and have no gaps?
  13. I didn't. I want a static flaccid dick that stays inside this underwear, so that people that download this don't have to type in commands to calm down the erection, or get penis poking out randomly. Also it'd be nice to look inside your character's pants with his soft penis sitting there
  14. I'll just let the picture do the talking And yes, I put this on slot 52 so the penis won't be poking out of the underwear, but now this is even worse What's the best way to solve this? Is there like a curled up static penis mesh I could use to put there?
  15. ..... You can only edit .hkx with max 2012 and havok content tool 2011, that’s why everybody uses these old versions For making animations I recommend reading the tutorials provided by the maker of osex on nexus.