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  1. View File [LE/SSE] BDO Cantibile The upper part has SMP physics. Might clip if you don't have that installed. Get it in game with additemmenu. https://www.patreon.com/Kiraxx Submitter Kirax Submitted 08/25/2020 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by  
  2. Version 1.1


    The upper part has SMP physics. Might clip if you don't have that installed. Get it in game with additemmenu. https://www.patreon.com/Kiraxx
  3. Question: Should I release this armor? Made it for fun, but Im not feeling it. Doesnt look good to me
  4. Wow. This fits your character/enb perfectly! Nice job
  5. Been a long time since I made a SAM outfit Feel like I'm enjoying skyrim again here are some shots I liked 😋
  6. Lol no. I meant you should upload the file so I can just take a proper look and fix it for you. I guess there's no longer the need for that since you solved it already.
  7. I love these! The chains are very hot!! ? honestly I feel like this is pretty tame, I guess people really get offended by anything these days
  8. Haven't got the time to play skyrim for a while now. Just finished a male armor set and I'm happy with how it turned out ?
  9. 1. Performance wise, as in framerates and smootheness, SSE straight up kills LE on a landslide. Also people have said SSE is way more stable than LE - which is not true. LE can be no less stable than SSE, and sometimes even outperform if you mod list is setup right. 2. Visually, I personally think SSE looks like shit compared to LE no matter how I mod it.
  10. ulfberth my dude what is your fo4 discord channel? Been looking for it all over and did not find it ?
  11. Topics like these do spark interest, contrary to what you think. It's the lack of technical personnels on this platform. Vector even said in this post 'to each their own', his view in this paragraph is not the majority and will never be, and I don't think that represents what this platform is about either. I can probably make this work by myself within a week or two, anus collision and all that, maybe even way shorter than that since I know how smp and collision works now. I'm just not incentivized in the slightest to do it - it's something I will never use myself because I couldn't care less about video game porn. I'm actually just here so my guy character looks big and buffy and awesome. But I know my view is the minority.
  12. This comment legit got me laughing out loud. It cannot be further from the truth. People on this forum are humans, and as long as they're humans they're obssesed with sex and genitals, in one way or another. Your view is definitely in the minority and the poll on the front page shows that 95% of people here want video game porn to happen as much as loverslab. Working anus and collisions aren't there due to a variety of reasons, but saying [you probably should not mix the two worlds too much ?] is some artsy twink 5Head fantasy.
  13. Exactly title. Armors I refitted doesn't show bodyhair when I put it on, and I had to try multiple times before it appear. If this only affects me then I can tolerate, but many people download my mods and they get this problem too. Any solutions?
  14. Take it off and put it back on a few times. I don't know why this is an issue but it works. As for adding TBBP to the bare body unfortunately no, there's no easy way [for you] to add them without some basic knowledge about outfitstudio at least. And I don't even have TBBP installed - muscle butts don't bounce, it's not realistic. Sorry.
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