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  1. So I recently got a new PC and as such had to re-download all of SAM's many little working parts. However, whereas on my last PC I used Nexus Mod Manager to organize everything, on this one I'm using Vortex. I have everything downloaded and activated and to the best of my knowledge they're in the right order, as mostly everything is working... There are a few issues that I suspect are interrelated however. Issue number one that I noticed was that the torch and casting animations weren't working correctly (torches would equip but my character's arm wouldn't assume the holding position, same problem while casting magic). I fixed this by removing the .hkx files from the skeleton and skeleton_female folders, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the other issues. Issue number two is that the weapon animations aren't working. No matter what weapon in whatever position added by XP32, the only animation that triggers is the default one. Issue number three is that the breast, belly, and butt sliders in the race menu aren't functioning. This is a problem I had before on my other PC but I can't recall how I went about fixing it... Now- I have TRIED to use NMM, but for some it doesn't work (any mods I install and try to enable run into an "exception error"). So, I'm using the new and "improved" Vortex manager, which keeps handing me cycle errors that I'm trying my best to fix, but they seem to pop up and change randomly, and I have no idea what they even mean, so I suspect that Vortex may be the culprit in this instance. If anyone else is having these issues, or uses Vortex and knows how to amend these issues, or has an alternative to Vortex and NMM that actually works, I would be very appreciative.
  2. TheDandyHorse

    My Khajiit has Twig-Legs... SEND HELP

    From the race menu, with the "showracemenu" command, over to the body sliders tab. As before, only a few at the bottom actually function correctly. Everything else has no effect.
  3. TheDandyHorse

    My Khajiit has Twig-Legs... SEND HELP

    Ah, well thank you for correcting that, but the sliders still don't seem to be working. I've since reorganized my mods to that exact order and my problem persists.
  4. SO I have SAM and of course... it's everything I've hoped for. Well, not everything. See- my Khajiit's upper body is fantastic- but his lower body... not so much. I have XP32 installed (and have tried using both older and newer versions with the same results) and in correct order- meaning it's at the bottom so that nothing overrides it- and even though the full list of body sliders is present on the race menu, they don't actually do anything. Only the right/left biceps, height, head, and weapon modifiers seem to actually work. Here's a list of the mods I'm using in the order that I have them installed, Realistic Ragdolls and Force Race Menu (v 3.3, as I'm told newer ones don't work for SAM) SAM (core, resizes, and textures) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended HDT Physics Extensions FNIS I've tried anything I've seen around these forums and ones on Steam, but a mix of people not having the problem I evidently am and me not being able to sift through hundreds of pages of trouble-shooting has proved too worthy a foe for me, so now my only hope for a nice set of thunder thighs for my Khajiit rests in whatever noble hero may provide some useful information for my plight. (lower quality- I apologize, but look at those chicken bones... SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.) Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to help! I'll turn down no advice!
  5. TheDandyHorse

    My Argonian needs a leg day...

    Hey I know this is an oooooold thread but it seems to touch on an issue that I'm personally having... where I have everything installed and the sliders in "body sliders" are all present... but they don't do anything. XP32 is installed last and overrides SAM, but still nothin'. My Khajiit needs a leg day too and I can find narry a solution anywhere I look ;-;
  6. I followed these instructions, and see the sliders but they don't seem to change anything? I assume the SAM HDT is the HDT physics extension mod, as I can't find any mod simply called "SAM HDT". Please help, I'm tired of my gigantic Khajiit having inappropriately skinny legs!