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  1. This is literally just a refit of another person's mod. It's not the uploader creating something entirely new, creative and great and trying to impress everyone. Not to mention the fact that pretty much none of the armour refits ever come with textures.
  2. It could be an issue with this NPC's weight, there are console commands to change it. It's a common thing with NPC replacers.
  3. It's probably an issue with the permission? I've no idea though. Also refitting all that for full SAM seems like a ton of work so I guess that's also a reason why ppl didn't work on this.
  4. Isn't this NPC scripted to be unvulnerable till a certain thing happens? I think Tolfdir is supposed to cast something on the Eye of Magnus and then yell something like "Strike now!"
  5. For some reason I keep getting the error message about the .dll file being outdated even when I manually replace it with the correct one. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. No, SAM Light only. Full version is like too complicated and different from SOS to work with it properly? Most likely cause of all the scripts and stuff used to make it not just a plain body replacer. I'm not a modder/coder/whatever but that's what I think lmao.
  7. AFAIK SAM wasn't updated for a while and the recent "update" was a reupload related to an issue of texture packs not being download-able. Also there was a patch by Don for SAM Light to work with SOS, maybe you should try it?
  8. As Darnexx noted, yes, those are only body textures. I think there's a less musular version for a body w 0 SAM values which could be nice on twinks tho. But I might remeber things wrong and it affects only Samson values, I'm not sure.
  9. I meant the quality of work and not the taste or preferences. Your characters look like you've the skills and patience to make something polished and very neat. Compared to ppl like me who juts barely use the Sculpting for example.
  10. Yes, the body is High Poly SAM w Samuel and Samson values both set to 0. I'm also using HDT BBB for SAM tho it's not necessary. The face textures are Pretty Face for SAM, someone uploaded this version of the original mod on this website. Body textures are by Hymnaru and can also be found here in the Downloads section. Huge thanks to modders for those textures btw!
  11. A random half-elf Imperial boy I'm playing rn. The first twink I ever made lmao. Definitely didn't do as great as ppl like Don do cause sculpting is extremely tideous tbh. Still kinda proud of this work tho.
  12. What's the underwear and accessory mods you used for this one? Looks p neat.
  13. Looks like the chest armour piece is a separate thing and not one of the basic set of body armour (pants in this case), boots, helmet and gloves. You can see a character in just chest piece and not pants in the file's images. Either go over the list all armour pieces available for crafting or just use Add Item Menu. Also there could be multiple alt versions of the body armour.
  14. Oh I've no idea tbh, you gotta ask ppl like experienced modders about that. I'm guessing you're gonna need something to open the files w/ textures or convert them to regular PNGs or whatever and then edit it all in Photoshop or any other program like that? Can't really tell for sure and give any proper instructions since I never tried all this stuff myself.
  15. The problem is head and body textures mismatching. Ethereal Elven Overhaul has the same issue for example. You can try to edit both files so the seam isn't so apparent.
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