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  2. This are awesome, but.... WHY LATELY ALL SAM MODS RELEASED ARE FOR SE AND SAM LIGHT?? WHERE ARE THE OLDRIM SAM FULL USERS?????? I WANT TO DIE!!! All the cool recent stuff now is completely unavailable for oldrim users.
  3. No way! So sad Hall of torque is down Do you happen to have the backup of that mod, or know where I could obtain it?
  4. Ok I don't know if this what people normally do and I am the oblivious here, but I was wondering since there are a wide variety of body/hair textures here available for SAM Textures, I was wondering if it was possible to surpass the limit texture for SAM? I mean, in the options in MCM go beyond No hair, Light, Medium, Heavy and Full, and simply just add more textures, instead of having to replacing them? I just think this will add more diversity to my player characters and npcs as well. Is this possible, or SAM is only able to hand this 5 varieties alone? THANK YOUUU
  5. Thank you!! Question though, what is creation kit for? Doesn't the NIF conver it to LE already and SSEEDIt removes esl flag. What do I do in CK?
  6. I will keep attempting to do it though obviously, but if someone wants to do it it would be awesome!
  7. Hello! I tried to do this yesterday but I haven't been able to do it (Im very noob at this). Maybe there's someone that takes requests and converts it? Maybe you or someone else?
  8. Really? I thought converting SE --> LE was almost impossible (at least what I searched). I'll defintely try that! BTW, does it have to be SSEedit? It can't be TES5edit?
  9. Ohhh I see it. Guess it makes sense
  10. Could you explain to me why people prefer SAM Light over SAM Full, other than obviously SAM "light", so not script heavy like the old SAM.? A part from that, is there any other reason? Im just curious
  11. Heyyyy question, do you use SAM Full or sam light? where can I find that skin and hair texture? It looks amazing!
  12. I happen to notice that SAM users tend to go with SAM light SSE rather than SAM Full Oldrim (which is saddly what I use). I don't know I get that impression. What do you think
  13. Omg, I LOVE IT! But is this SE armor only...? Or does it work for LE?
  14. Thank you for replying! That was just what I needed to fix my game and now my game runs perfectly! After so long, and after so much pain, blaming SAM or my mods for the issue, and all I had to do was change a number.... frustrating but I'm happy I finally got it!
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