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  1. Are they followers? Is there a Skyrim SE download?
  2. Gorgeous, someone should use him as a skin replacer for Lucien I can find pictures of Feyris but not the mod for him? Looks to of been deleted?
  3. My Character, wish I could make him look a little older somehow.
  4. 4k and 1k think it was a server issue because im from Australia. One thing I've noticed is some of the npc's are now naked? do I need to download the clothing they are in as well to avoid this?
  5. Can you romance Lucien with his Mod yet?
  6. I keep getting Failed - Network error idk why Edit: it worked when I downloaded through Nexus.
  7. I seem to be having an issue where I get a error when the download is like 100mb from completion?
  8. I honestly suggest you could possibly have a patch where his looks replace Lucien Flavius, Brann looks like a Royal/Wealthy Young Training Mage.
  9. I have no idea how to mod Im clueless, can I just add them to a modlist?
    It looks great too bad I have no idea how to implement mods
  10. Well I mean like there is a program called WabbaJack, and people put their full mod lists into the program allowing you to download their setups of Skyrim SE. Something along those lines with all the assets needed to make a stunning twink character would be ideal Normally they will have other types of Face Morphs or Character overhauls, I myself have no idea how to replace those mods with say Sam/high poly head without breaking the setup.
  11. Does anyone know of a Modlist for Skyrim SE that has stuff like High Poly Head and Sam SE integrated with a generally good Skyrim modlist like "Living Skyrim 3" or "Total Skyrim Overhaul" Etc I would just love to find a modlist where I can have beautiful guys mixed with a beautiful skyrim SE game setup.
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