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  1. S34N

    S.A.M. Body Slider "Setups"

    I have tended to like my guys to be hyper muscled. So I usualy have Samuel set to 60 and Samson set to 150. Here is my orc Ghor'Taric. https://imgur.com/a/5nkTi
  2. S34N


    Yep I've posted them in the Discord server. I can post the link there again if you want. DM means direct message, so what you would do here is click on my user name and then on the next page click message. Edit: If y'all are interested in Vector's Faendall and Gohrbash, my google drive folder containing them has just been posted to the Discord server on the dark side tab.
  3. S34N


    DM me and I'll link you to my repository of old Vector mods that haven't been re-uploaded.
  4. S34N

    re-install Sam

    In theory you could, but you need to make sure that the SAM mods you are uninstalling that have other mods as dependencies are also uninstalled and then reinstalled with SAM. Also for a more stable game it is recommended that you start a new game if you do this.
  5. I seems that I was able to answer my own question, the console commands were added in a mod by B3lisario called "SAM-Optional-B3lisarios-Console-Slider-Extender-SetPQV" from the old HoT SAM forums. Others that I have talked to have expressed interest in this mod, so I sent B3lisario messages on LoversLab and here, asking permission to publish it here.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm posting this question for anyone to answer. In SAM there is a console command that allows you to change the value of Samson or Samuel to exceed 100 to get truly huge proportions. I have used this in the past but I forgot the commands. Does anybody remember them or know somebody that does? An example of a character created using this is below.
  7. S34N

    Porting SAM to FO4

    Vector has stated that he has no interest in porting SAM to Fallout 4. This is because he says that he doesn't like shooter type games.
  8. S34N

    Recommended Mods?

    Well I use Breezehome FullyUpgradable to make Breezehome a cool house to have and not a shitty shack. YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight I use this for fancier magic animations, but i don't use the master spell animations or the sword animations. Amulets of Skyrim for Amulet variety that is not lore breaking. Expanded Towns and Cities to upgrade the sparse none major holds. Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold v4 The best Mage robe re texture in my opinion, you can also get none enchanted versions of these robes to enchant yourself. Brows & Beards & Superior Lore Friendly Hair makes everyone look nice without looking like a anime reject. Open Faced Guard Helmets so that you can actually see the guards face that is yelling at you. Better Circlets for a more high quality look. Acquisitive Soul Gems & Mining Flames so you don't waste soul gems on crappier lower tier souls and flames for convenience. Magic Runes HD makes runes so much cooler looking and mystical all while being lore friendly. Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge High Quality quest mod that explores the myths surrounding magic and the stars in Tamriel, also includes voice acting. Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim well done magic spell package that greatly expands your options as a mage. aMidianBorn Book of Silence the best textures for armor and weapons that you will find. The author also has good environment re-textures to. Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces makes the rings and amulets of Skyrim look less like block basic messes. Follower Facelifts Good and not too dramatic face changes to the followers of Skyrim, I personally use the male only version. Immersive College of Winterhold Cool upgrade for the Collage of Winterhold to make it less basic. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim my personal favorite perk/skill overhaul, very fun and relatively unique. Glowing Ore Veins 300 makes ore veins way easier to spot. Faction Crossbows makes crossbows cool and gives you higher tier options besides dwarven. As you can see I favor mages. I have more recommendations if you would like them but they are mostly animations and texture based, so i will leave it at this for now.
  9. S34N

    Artwork and Hyper stuff!

    You know that I'm down.
  10. Hey everyone, as you all know if you are using the Immersive or Stat Progression version of XSoldier, you know that to level your individual Soldier's build you have to workout your grunt for 5 days. This is a long time for a Soldier to be out of commission for a minor stat boost in the Stat version or nothing at all but aesthetics in the Immersive version. Anyway when I was playing around in the DefaultGameData.ini file I discovered that "XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays" and "XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays" both affect the workout and gene therapy timers as well. So if you want to reduce (or increase) the time your soldiers are away working on their bodies, edit these two values XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[0]=1 ;Easy XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[1]=1 ;Normal XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[2]=1 ;Classic XComHeadquarters_DefaultTrainRookieDays[3]=1 ;Impossible XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[0]=1 ;Easy XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[1]=1 ;Normal XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[2]=1 ;Classic XComHeadquarters_DefaultRespecSoldierDays[3]=1 ;Impossible The first set will change the number of days it takes for your Soldier to workout and the second set will change the number of days for Gene Therapy. By default this will be set to 5 (meaning it takes five days for this task to complete) but this is straight from my .ini file. A warning though this may unbalance your game so take that into consideration if you care. Good luck and happy modding!
  11. S34N

    XSoldier Compatibility

    I just realized that the title is misspelled, I don't know how to edit Thread titles, so if you want to change it, you are free to do so.
  12. S34N

    XSoldier Compatibility

    Ok I tried this and the issue that I described still happens unfortunately.
  13. S34N

    XSoldier Compatibility

    Ok I will try this, I should have this done within the hour, maybe 2.
  14. S34N

    XSoldier Compatibility

    Hey everyone I thought that a thread that details compatibility issues that XSoldier has with other mods would be a good idea. Anyway there is a compatibility issue with The Leader Pack mod by LongWar Studios. The issue comes from the fact that they both use the same menu slot in the Guerrilla Tactics School, so your soldiers can't workout. That seems to be the only issue, so as there is not CTD when they are used simultaneously.
  15. S34N


    OK thank you, I only ask because the Officer Mod by Long-war Studios allows you to edit how long Leader training takes. Five days is a long time for a solider to be out of commission.