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  1. Ok well. I have had the El’s men’s underwear conversion loaded in nifskope but I hadn’t seen anything with HDT in the name. Do you have any idea what I should be looking for exactly?
  2. So I have HDT installed to fix things with SAM and for Floppy SOS. But I have some armors and clothing that use HDT and I don't have it for BBB so the armors move when the body doesn't so it clips when i my character quickly. Is there an easy way to get rid of the HDT stuff? I have knowledge of how to use nifskope and other programs so you don't need to tell me each step like i have no clue.
  3. That's the one I'm using but nothing.... Maybe I'll just use Floppy SOS for the time being
  4. So I looked all over for the schlong controller mod and the only one I found doesn't seem to work. I press shift + pg up/down and nothing happens. Yes the ring is equipped. And yes, if I type in the console to change the angle it works. So if someone can send me the link to a for sure working version that would be great.
  5. You should really move the files to be able to install using a mod manager instead of being forced to install manually.
  6. So upon restarting the game I found out that my soldier is available for workout again.
  7. So I reset a soldier of mine that I wanted as a psi operative by using commands. He was already 50 when I did and that also removes the gained weight. I had the psi place unlocked and had him in the thing (I can't remember what you call them) to get a power. I went to the workout place and saw that he was available to increase weight. I selected him and I saw that the psi place still had a soldier in it. That's the first bug that I know. And there was no way to remove him from it. I had to remove the psi place and build it again. I then proceeded to have him workout to get back to 50 but once he got to 40 I was no longer able to add him to the workout place. I know I can end up removing the options to disable manually changing weight. But this is a bug report. While possible it's not a problem with this mod, there might be a bug that stops a soldier from getting certain powers if others are done before them. Sometimes I can't select them.
  8. There might be. Hopefully someone else will stop by and post it.
  9. The modular armors can only be changed with a nif program like nifskope. If you have problems with racemenu you should say what it is.
  10. I believe these images were from a previous version of his mod that got messed up(?) so he doesn't have those files anymore.
  11. I wonder what foot wear was thought of when this was made. there's an ankle band in the same place as the tsun boots so it probably wasnt made with it in mind
  12. Well you can't change the PC if they are a nord or redguard. So that's a problem not relating to being a ghost. Maybe that's where the change of Id could be in affect.
  13. The issue is that SAM doesn't recognize certain Nords or Redguards (with their enderal race name) and thus can't change their SAM values. They don't show up in the list of NPCs. Now I'm pretty sure it's tied to the SAM scripts being put to the wrong ID. Or that the game uses both ID's and thus only one gets put on the list for applicable SAM users.
  14. I think I found the problem. The Redguard and Nord races that the SAM scripts refer to the wrong race. There's slightly different versions of the race in both the Skyrim.esm and Update.esm and they both are referring to the update one which I believe is the wrong one. And also I don't think your getting an update to SAM for a real long time. So you should update it.
  15. It's working now. I chose the breton one and I'm able to change myself.
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