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  1. First time trying this mod. I have SAM sliders for Race Menu, and I have both Samuel and Samson at max, so I have a nice big belly. However, it just barely jiggles, even with more bounce on. I also can't see my thighs jiggle. The butt and chest jiggle just fine and dandy. (Also, there's no jiggle at all when in armor, poo ) It's a great mod tho, thanks for making it! ^^
  2. Question: I want to use CBBE and the BodySlider thing in general, but I'm afraid it might interfere with SAM. Would it?
  3. Unless you mean it grows all around when you futz with the waist setting, in which case it works.
  4. Um...this doesn't work. I've got a skinny tail. So far, B.A.T. is better....
  5. Actually, talked to the guy who made it, he fixed it, and I can use it. I now have the sexiest lizard around with both Sams up at 100. Howwwwever, the other sliders don't do a damn thing save for the scrotum, which does help a bit. Not much, but it does. (And WHOA the penis you can have at max! It goes through the ground!) Only wish that physics mod worked with them so that they moved properly instead of stayed stationary all the time Thanks for the help!
  6. Thanks! But I'm thinking it's the fact the sliders need Dawnguard for whatever reason. Trying to run it with the Dawnguard patch makes it crash, too.
  7. I can't use SAM Sliders, it requires Dawnguard, which I don't have! Stupid...discriminating against the poor.... Is that why it's making me crash?
  8. Alright, I figured out how to get his balls big--by turning SOS back on. So I think it might be a bug with SAM...especially because the max size for a schlong with SAM is pretty much a third leg. Also, I'm blue again! Now to figure out how to get my body paint to actually show.... Finally, I need to figure out how to work the Samson/Samuel sliders to get a nice, biiiiiiig belly and big muscles, too. Wish me luck!
  9. I've got it maxed for the balls, but nothing.... Are the bigger bits just an SOS thing?
  10. I have RaceMenu 3-4-5. Still black, though I notice I have white markings. Also, now NPCs are disappearing. As well, my character's cock can get big, but his balls are still small.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I'll get to you as soon as I can!
  12. Hey, just installed the SAM mod and SOS. Also have the argonian texture mod and a few optional ones for SAM. However, two things happened. First, when I went to the body paint for my argonian, his beautiful blue scales turned black save for head and paws. Nothing I did fixed it and I don't wanna restart. What happened and what do I do? Is it a glitch at the start? I saw white markings on him when he got shirtless.... Second, I noticed almost every Stormcloak had purple bodies, no textures or clothes save their undies, boots, and head and hands. I'm p sure I have some decent vram, but if it is that, what's the likely culprit, and if not, wtf? Also, I would like to know if it was possible to make the SAM and SOS mods affect only me and anyone specific. I wanna feel special X3 Thanks for your time!
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