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  1. Ah. So is there anything I can do in the meantime? If it is just a matter of going into the CK and redirecting the 1st person to use the SAM skeleton, thats something I can manage EDIT: It was silly of me to ask. I made a fix esp, and now it works a treat. Now I need to go convert my old SAM Light refits to SE hehe Thanks for the help KouLeifoh. Its been a fair few years since I messed about with Skyrim at all, and I really appreciate the time youve taken to try and help me get this working. Not to mention your continued work on SAM. I am sure Vector would be very pleased that SAM didnt fall by the wayside.
  2. Ok, so, interesting new info. I made a new, fresh SSE data folder, zero mods, had Steam do its file validation thing, deleted SKSE files from the main SSE folder etc. I installed SAM Light, loaded up my save, took of chest armor and boom. Crash. So, since there mightve been something wrong with using my save, I used the console to coc Riverwood from the main menu. Took of the default characters chest armor, and no crash. SAM was up and running fine. On a lark, I loaded up showracemenu, to see if the face color mismatch would get fixed. It did, so again, on a lark, I scrolled down to check the bosmer. BOOM. CTD the moment I selected bosmer. Is there some hidden function in SAM that would make it not work for bosmer? (To clarify, my character is a bosmer) EDIT: Additionally, altmer cause a CTD (I just checked) and I would assume then that all the mer will cause a CTD. However orcs work fine. And just to clarify, all human races seem to work fine.
  3. Tried cut and uncut, insta crash on both Edit: I suppose I find this extra perplexing because I am running very few mods. And aside from WICO (Which I am overriding when installing SAM) nothing edits skeletons or body meshes. Edit2: In case this helps,
  4. Uninstalled skse64 and racemenu. Installed SAM Light (underwear) with NMM for SSE. Went in, took off my chest armor, insta crash.
  5. The first thing I did was install the mod normally with NMM. So whatever configuration you made for that install, I installed it for SE, not normal. I got crashes no matter what I did.
  6. I hadnt wanted to clutter this thread up, but I did some exhaustive testing since my original post. It is 100% SAM causing the crash. I did literally every iteration imaginable to get it working, but every time, a crash. I installed with NMM, I installed manually, I installed JUST the body and textures manually, I pulled my SAM light files from my Oldrim data folder and optimized them. I used the skeleton included with SAM light, I used the XPMSSE skeleton, I pulled the Oldrim SAM files from your mod and optimized them, etc. I researched, checked my process and was as thorough as it is possible to be. But every time I loaded the game with the SAM body in my SSE data folder, it crashed the moment I took off my chest armor. And to confirm, I rolled my SSE back to the previous version and made the exe read only. I installed the previous version of Racemenu and SKSE64. I may be rusty, but I used to be pretty swish at managing mods. The only thing I didnt try, because I didnt feel like looking up dozens of tutorial videos, was porting the SAM _0 and _1 meshes into 3ds Max and skinning them to the vanilla skeleton (I use the underwear version, so I dont need nor care about the genital bones) Everything else, I tried, and for some reason, SAM crashes my game. Which is too bad, as I really was looking forward to using it. Hell, I ported my Subtle Male Skeleton from Oldrim using the optimizer and it worked a treat right out of the bag *shrugs* So yeah, if you have any ideas, I would love to try and get it working.
  7. Im a bit rusty with modding, been a few years, hehe Ill double check I am using the right skeleton. So your morphs (Thank you SO MUCH for those, btw) should work with the latest version of SSE? Update: Ensuring the proper skeleton was installed didnt work. So I followed instructions on the Racemenu SE page to roll Skyrim back to 1.5.39. Successfully Rolled back, put SKSE back to 2.0.7, Racemenu SE to 2.4. And I am still getting a CTD as soon as I go to take my armor off. Oddly, Gunjar can be stripped of his stuff just fine. So color me a bit perplexed.
  8. I am just curious if/when the SSE Racemenu morphs will be updated? I was hoping I had just made a mistake with my mod choices, but every time I go to take off all armor/clothes, the game crashes. I am assuming this is due to the update to SSE and then SKSE64.