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  1. hi everyone i want to replace my character face with external one (blender make mesh ) and i don't know where to start this might sound so dummy , but i've been googling so much and felt lost , i've watched tutorials about customizing character with CK but the step where i can import external mesh then editing it is very confusing and sounds like it needs basic knowledge of something , and to be honest i don't have time to learn unnecessary things if idon't need this mission. so anyone knows what is the arrangement of steps i need to learn or do ( from mesh in blender till importing in racemenu ) to reach my goal .
  2. hashimora

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Nice shots ..... Im kinda new into modding of skyrim And i had installed sam mod after 3 days of troubleshooting , now my friend i wounder if you can help to get character skin colour looks as yours rather than the peal looking skin of standerd skyrim characters