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  1. this may sound like a really stupid question, but can I use this alongside the regular, core SAM (not lite)? I'm using Oldrim and I really prefer using the sliders in the racemenu rather than going to the MCM in the pause menu.
  2. This sounds like weird topic, but are there any mods for SAM that have separate underwears like SOS? I don't like having to disable schlongs to see some bulge. I know that the legacy armors are just replacing the vanilla armors with underwear but I don't really like it that much, mostly because all the male guards are walking around in their undies.
  3. I've already solved the problem through trial and error. I think I had XPMSE installed wrong or had the wrong files overwritten.
  4. Is the SOS addon the one in the installer? if so, ive already had that installed and no luck.
  5. As a solution to my other problem, i had done a clean reinstall of Skyrim and uninstalled/reinstalled all previous mods. However,I can no longer edit my package in RaceMenu (along with any other complex stuff) and i can only bend my boner. Did I install something wrong? I also have Bodyslide and CBBE installed so that might have affected something.
  6. I forgot to note that SAM still works, as some of my male characters that ive saved through Racemenu still have their bodytypes.
  7. just as the title says. SAM's options arent showing up in the MCM. I've tried reinstalling stuff but it just isnt working.
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