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  1. Superb work dude, SAM content like this is always welcome to my library. Can i ask what mods did you use to make the characters look like that? textures, face replacers, etc.
  2. Ok, i tried what you said, didn't worked, but...let's say i fitted outfits to the SAM body on Outfit Studio and... let's say... i deleted... the "SAMunderwear"... do you think that would be the cause of the issue?.
  3. Ok i just tried on both a vanilla armor refited and a armor mod i refited, did not work, thanks for the help tho, i use, SOS fo thoat reason, cause is easier to make an armor "revealing" and you can also move the schlong up and down, i don't know if sam has those 2 things, question, do you know if the underwear uses a body slot?
  4. And...how and where can i add the "SAMRevealing Branch"? BTW i'm just saying, last time i used an armor that came with the mod SAM, "SkyrimArmor-Refit" and i did that thing with "SOS" with the "Fur Armor" it worked just fine, so i belive the pack comes with the "SAMRevealing Branch" already?
  5. THE GOOD THING. I never thought i could but i manage to convert my first outfit to SAM, smooth as butter, takes a while tho... THE BAD THING. When i try the outfit (which is quite revealing) the schlong dissappear, but when i put the "Revealing armor" option on the SOS MCM menu, the schlongs does not appear, is there a way to "FIX" this? I say "FIX" on quotes cause i heard SOS and SAM don't mix well thogheter... so maybe is a compatibility issue, i'm not sure.
  6. Ha, yep, thanks that seems to be the problem, thanks a lot you guys for the help, now i'm going to see if i can fit a armor into SAM's body, thanks again
  7. Oh, ok, i see now, yes i think that might be the issue, because my brother installed some of his mods accidentally on my files, messing my skyrim game up, since they were to many i decided to just delete the entire game, yesterday the first mods i installed were body replacers, of course Bodyslide was among them, so yeah, maybe i installed the lastest version, the last time i installed bodyslide was apr 27 2018, so that might be the issue, let's hope it is...
  8. Hello guys i'm new here and i showed a great intrest on the "Shape Atlas for Men" mod for skyrim, the thing is that i have a bunch of armors that i want to refit, sadly i don't know how, i found this tutorial LINK: But the problem i have that everytime is when i import the TRI file, says "Failed to import .tri file" so can someone show me another way to do it? or how to fix the .TRI file issue? all help is apreciated
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