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    Download — High Poly Head

    I've been having the same issue and haven't found a solution. There were a couple of answers that I had on an early post I made, sadly they didn't resolve it. I stopped using this mod for a vampire playthrough because of it, which is a shame specially when I think the mod is great.
  2. Circusf18

    Download — High Poly Head

    Thanks for your amazing work. I just can't play SSE without your high poly mods (body and head). Although, I have a problem, I just crate a new character and during the race menu I used the high poly head with according brows and beard. I'm using Live Another Live - Alternate Start mod from Arthmoor, and I chose the option to become a Vampire. After the game loads the new safe, with my character as a Vampire (DarkelfRaceVampire), It happens that it's face won't use the high poly head anymore, and the brows and beard clip. So I load the previous save before becoming a vampire and use the console to change it's race, and the same issue happens again. In the fomod installation dialog box I checked male and female face animations and non sunken vampire faces. I really would appreciate any help you can provide me. PS: Sorry if my writing is not quite understandable, English is not my primary language.
  3. Circusf18

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Hi there, I can't manage to get the hand's textures sliders to work even I have all the files installed properly (I think), when I'm in game and try to change the textures at the racemenu's sliders, and what happens on every stage is that the only texture shown is the one from Sam Light v1.3 (MaleHands_1.dds). Here is screenshot of what I have installed... Thanks in advance for any help you may provide!