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  1. you are LE user? try my edited esp, use this to overwrite the mainfile COR_AllRace.esp because 'DZ nord' race use 'costom body', so you need to set the 'DZ nord' race to use default body in the esp, try my esp, it will fix the problem
  2. i converted it to LE and upload it in the review page just recently know how to do it
    I converted it to LE and i love this armor so much! and i upload the LE version here, hope this could help LE user (LE)SAM - Kreis Armors of Oblivion - Spellsword.7z edit:forgot to say 'HDT BBB Bounce by KouLeiFoh' is the requirement
  3. how to convert it to LE because it have HDT effect. and i don't think we use the same HDT physic system
  4. I like your hair. look like it is a combination of two kinds of hair. one i think it is from TW3 hair pack, i can't recognize another hair? can you tell me its name
  5. the body textures in your screenshot are Vitruvia skin. are you download my mod at Nexus? becuase the version i uploaded at Nexus is using Vitruvia skin
  6. i have said how to fix the neck gap(because i change his weight) in the description,please read it carefully.
  7. are you sure you are using this textures? https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/152-sam-light-texture-add-on/ are you SSE user?
  8. i have said that this version is for someone using ' SAM Light textures add on
  9. LE version is here link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/li5wtatvg50ifyo/for_SAM-Lucien_Replacer_LE.7z/file
  10. is his beard too bright? his beard look weird in your screenshot.maybe i need to make his beard darker
    work fine! so strange but interesting maybe i need to try some pregnant stuff
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