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  1. can you tell me where i can get this hairstyle?
  2. just download that .esp i shared and use it replace the original esp
  3. sorry my english is bad, but i really need some help! actually i am trying to making a standalone followe these days. but i don't know add the body tattoo to the follwer anyone know how to do it? thank you
  4. lucien.esp is the main follower esp. my esp'lucien replacer new.esp' required the main esp to work
  5. because you are not using sam light textures add on you are using other skin textures
  6. Did you install the ' Sam high poly Conversion'? i have the same problem after install that mod I fixed that gap by using the original SAM genital mesh to replace those high poly genital mesh
  7. OMG those hair textures! will you release that hair textures? it look so amazing Benor look so good in your pic, he never look good as yours in my game!
  8. you are LE user? try my edited esp, use this to overwrite the mainfile COR_AllRace.esp because 'DZ nord' race use 'costom body', so you need to set the 'DZ nord' race to use default body in the esp, try my esp, it will fix the problem
  9. i converted it to LE and upload it in the review page just recently know how to do it
    I converted it to LE and i love this armor so much! and i upload the LE version here, hope this could help LE user (LE)SAM - Kreis Armors of Oblivion - Spellsword.7z edit:forgot to say 'HDT BBB Bounce by KouLeiFoh' is the requirement
  10. how to convert it to LE because it have HDT effect. and i don't think we use the same HDT physic system
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