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  1. frkncnky

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    If you want .. Can you pls share your racemenu preset for body, you dont have to share your head(if you want to keep it for yourself)..Cause your body shape looks amazing. I mean bodyscale and sam morphs settings on racemenu.. Your scale looks perfect ..
  2. frkncnky

    How to install sam light/SE

    If you mean Skyrim Special Edition there is a option on mod you just need to dowload normal sam light and install with mod organiztor or nexus mod maganer then it will ask you as a opiton like ''Skyrim oldrim'' or ''Skyrim special edition'' you just need to tick special edditon thats all.
  3. frkncnky

    How to install sam light/SE

    With mod manager you can installe easy.
  4. frkncnky

    Ygnord with SAM

    You are right I did that with AVA so ava would be a better option if you can OFC. You are master skilled character creater for me
  5. frkncnky

    Ygnord with SAM

    I wasnt there so I saw your post late sorry.. If you do that ill be so happy to use.. You know how to do this things but Im not like you
  6. frkncnky

    Ygnord with SAM

    Thank you for answer..Exacly how can I edit them do you know where to start ? Because I never done that before.
  7. frkncnky

    Ygnord with SAM

    I think I did ..But only problem is neck now..Do you know how can I fix that neck problem ?
  8. Ygnord from ECE has perfect face for smooth feminen male characters. I tried this today and it was really good head but body dosent work IDK why.. I tried to export head from ygnord race to nord in game racemenu but it really dosent work. I wonder is there any way to get ygnord face for sam body?(not hard way ofc cause I cant handle it)
  9. Evrything was okey until I see another naked male npc...Hes textures was like that..I checked other NPC's all of them has some texture deformations also I tried to re-install all SAM things as texture and sam light but It didint work. My character fine but npc's are like that. How can I fix that ? Edit: I uninstall your patch and textures are okey now but HDT vagina dosent work when I play male character but If I play female thats work fine for male npcs..lol Its really strange..Or is that mean my PC cant handle it ? I can try low polly if it may change anything ..Should I choice 1k texture from sam light texture addon installer ?
  10. Wow you saved me! It works perfect I dowloaded highpoly version and just used nexus mod manager then I said ''yes overwrite'' now it works well. I dont know how can I thank you man but it was really important for me thank you for your effort and help you made me so happy!
  11. I wish I can but I dont know how to do that..I havent do anything with nifskope. Im just install and play guy(sorry about that)..Is there any guide I can learn how to do that u talking about because its really important to me And thanks yor your answer.
  12. HDT vagina has installer that you can choice (SOS full ,sos light , sam but no sam light) thats what Im saying..I have 1060 nvdia and 16 gb ram i5 intel..I think my pc can handle it is is possible to share your thing with me then I can overwrite it to SAM core ? Cause I really dont know how to do that I just did try overwrite sam light but it turns to purple texture ..When I try to change my body weight it goes fix(not penis just body penis style purple) after I try to wear something it turns to purple again ..Could help me pls ?
  13. Hey huys I want to ask you something about SAM Light texture addon.. I have playing skyrim with HDT vagina mod and there is no SAM Light option thats why I do want to install normal SAM but I dont think I can play without SAM Light texture addon.. Its looking so good so I want to ask if I install normal SAM and overwrite Sam light texture on him it does work properly ?
  14. frkncnky

    Download — SAM Light Texture Add-on

    I wish it does work with HDT vagina..This is best texture for whole skyrim or SE .. But I think problem is SAM Light not texture mod..Is that possible to install this mod and overwrite to normal SAM ?
  15. frkncnky

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Ohh what a stupid I am ... Sorry Im not native speaker so sometimes I can miss or missunderstand stuffs.. Textures are perfect only think I dont like much is rough face when I try to change face complex 1-2 they are bit more young but still rough..There is any way to fix it? And do you use any texture for this mod that I can also use :))