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  1. Hi all. I am happy to announce that I was able to completely solve my issues with SAM. My crashes were caused by the SKSE plugin 'Crash fixes'. It appears that I needed to change the following line 'AlignHeapAllocate=0' to 'AlignHeapAllocate=1' in the CrashFixPlugin.ini file. I didn't notice this when I was using MO since I had Crash fixes already installed there. Thanks everyone for their patience. Maybe this could be added to the Installation guide?
  2. Hi again. I just wanted to update this thread as I have managed to make promising progress with my SAM installation and maybe this can help someone somehow. I got SAM to work properly, such that I can apply Samuel and Samson morph simultaneously to my character without my game crashing. All I did was installing SAM+Racemenu(v3.4.5 with hdt physics and skse) manually but without xpmse. All other installations either with or without xpmse crashed when I was using Mod Organizer. I am very much intrigued as to why Mod Organizer fails to run SAM properly but all other mods I installed using it worked as intended? Maybe someone has an idea why MO is doing that?
  3. Update: I tried to run SAM without XPMSE and HDT but with Racemenu v3.3.0 but my game crashes right after character creation. To me it looks like a script issue because the Papyrus Log states that SAM is always the last mod active before a CTD. But I am not sure and wouldn't know what is causing something like that
  4. Thank you anyway for taking your time with my problem. I will look further into this but I am not too confident to find anything. Strangely, when I started the game for the first time today only using the essential mods from the installation guide, I was able to change the sliders simultaneously. However after changing the sliders three times while in between leaving the MCM menu to see the effect, I got a CTD again after the fourth change and was getting one ever since.
  5. I just redownloaded the armor refits from the SAM download page and can verify that the 1stperson meshes are indeed missing for most armor sets. That's quite unfortunate but at least I now know why. Thank you. But still my other problem persits. I am unable to change the sliders for Samuel and Samson morph simultaneously in the MCM menu without getting a CTD. I already did a clean install via MO with just the essentials mentioned in the installation guide again to no avail. The problem is still there.
  6. After some more testing I found the source of the mesh issues shown in the picture. The seams are visible as long as I wear armor of any kind. It's strange since I have the armor refits for vanilla, dragonborn and dawnguard installed. If I wear an armor set of those, I only get an mesh issue in first person. In third person the body apears without seams. If I wear armor from another mod, for example immersive armors, I can reproduce the exact same seams on the hands with similar size on both 1stperson and 3rdperson. (I just realized that since I don't have any refits for the armor mods I use, they are actually redundant while using SAM). In short, I need to figure out, why the firstperson bodymeshes of the armor refits don't show up.
  7. Thanks for looking into this Naurdor. I immediatly tried reinstalling XPMSE, sadly to no avail. Maybe it is a loadorder issue or conflict, which I am unaware of (I am using LOOT). I also included a sreenshot of the hands (only a first person issue).
  8. Hi, I'm fairly new to the forums and recently decided to try SAM since I wanted some variety for males. Thanks to the amazing installation guide I was almost able to get SAM to work properly, but I encountered some quirks while playing around with the MCM menu and I was hoping to find some help from more experienced SAM users. My problems are the following: 1. A minor but rather annoying mesh issue with my character's hands in first person. If I increase the value of either Samson or Samuel morph, my character's hands appear to be bigger than his forearms so that the respective meshes disconnect. I tested it with all races and enabling/disabling the new mesh fix for the hands. I also checked in the data tab of Mod-Organizer wether another mod uses the '1stpersonmalehands.nif' which is not the case. 2. Maybe a misinterpretation on my part. If I understood correctly, in the races tab of the MCM menu I can assign different values to either Samuel or Samson body or both, so that each individual of that race gets assigned a random value to those bodies within the range of variability set in the general tab of the MCM menu. This seems to work since for a spawned NPC the body values are for example 40 on Samuel and 20 on Samson. And yet if I try to assign these same values to my character, I het an instant CTD as soon as I leave the MCM menu. I wondered if this is normal behavior but then again both bodies are essentially skeleton scales and should add up? I would be happy if someone could lend a hand. Apart from that, thanks for reading and have a nice day.