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    So nice to see great CC packs for TS4. Thank you.
  2. For some reason when I used MO and went through the fomod menus it gave me extracted options I did not want so I grabbed a copy of glViewImage which would allow me to physically see the graphic set... I went with the PBI+MMMLT+SABI option... Edit... Looks great with Skysight normals =D The problem with the fomod is that it only gave me 2 selectable options for body hair and both options had hair on the back. This is one reason why I prefer to manage mods manually over using MO or NMM. Now that I have a dds viewer for linux, I am a happy camper and I can view the texture sets before overwriting assets in my data directory. MANY THANKS to all who offered support and suggestions =D
  3. Thanks kindly for your quick response. I extracted the set and there are 8 choices which contain the PBI you mentioned. SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+LMMLT+DW SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+LMMLT+SABI SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+MMMLT+DW SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+MMMLT+SABI SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+LMMLT+DW SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+LMMLT+SABI SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+MMMLT+DW SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+MMMLT+SABI PBI is not listed by itself, there are other things with it in each choice. I do not want to overwrite the SAM HD textures and the Skysight skin muscle addon. Note: I only use MO for extracting mod options such as this. I prefer to manually setup my mods and load order.
  4. After doing some extensive research, it appears that the IXUM pubes are no longer available anywhere. The SAM 3MW texture pack has them at the expense of having a body with hair on the back and I prefer more youthful appearance of my actors. There is also a 3D pube option but it does not appear correctly on my rig, the hair sticks out and looks unsightly. How can I have the IXUM pubes without altering the SAM HD body textures? I have searched everywhere I can think of and it appears the original IXUM pube set is gone forever... Someone please help? (for clarification: I tried ALL options on the 3MW texture set and was not satisfied with the appearance... )