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  1. Oh I've already unpacked the BSA and found the textures. I just have to stop researching things for a hot minute and open photoshop with some scar textures.
  2. Yeah, @kreiste I can do the a new skin pretty easy but if there was a script attached (or the wrong body with the pants and a script attached to those) it would be beyond me. Didn't want to bother doing the textures and then find out I couldn't fix the pants or try to fix the pants and then find out I broke a script somewhere.
  3. Yoink! Thank you, Kreis! Extra thanks for the pants, I got real hung up on them for a bit. Are their scripts attached to his body textures when he wears the pants then? I can't just make a new one, name it the same and slip it into the folder?
  4. Are you using the SAM version of MoS? The original uses it's own body mesh, so you'll have a texture seam. Install a mod that makes it body mod compatible like the MoS SAM or even SOS patches that are currently available. Also there's plenty of other male face replacers, though some include a few women too like Pandorables. Most of the newer ones are 'texture preference aware' so they're easier to use with various bodies and texture combinations.
  5. The last Kaiden 2 update was in October and the last update of this was in May. Can we get an update? KouLeifoh has such lovely heads out now too. Pretty please? I'm reinstalling my SSE on a new machine so I've finally got time to try this one out but he will not follow for me with the outdated esp and he's still the best romance able fully voiced male companion out there.
  6. Ah, that's what I was afraid of. Haven't touched my copy of Photoshop in several years I'm not sure I know how to use it anymore but I'll have to try. Yeah, I thought it would be easy to change an existing follower 😂 I'm an idiot. I wanted something a little more stable because the racemenu morphs are a little finicky and my game is way over modded, so it breaks a lot and i have to redo their bodies when I have to restart. Thought there was some secret trick I was missing with all the hot hunkiness on display here. I think a lot of people would still be interested in your tutorial though 😄 Thanks for the info guys, I guess I've just got to settle in and do the work.
  7. Flowergirls and/or Sexlab. One's on the Nexus the other's on Loverslab. Once you've installed them and all the requirements you need to fiddle with the settings in the MCM to set your character's preference to gay.
  8. One of these days it would rock if you'd post a detailed tutorial on how you create these followers. I've been trying for months to trick out Kaiden and all I've managed is to change his hair so far 😓 He needs his scars back, a thicker dick with a nice bend and an overlay to go with the one on his face. Please! Pretty please!
    I love this addon. Without it all my Flower Girl and Sexlab animations just didn't quite line up right. With it they do so much better now.
  9. My guess would be that you installed the High Poly Conversion that's compatible with SAM Light, not regular SAM. They have very different texture maps, especially around the genitals iirc. A 'quick' test would be to install a SAM specific body texture and hopping in game to see if that fixes your genital issue. If it does, you've got the right body mesh installed but the wrong textures. If it doesn't, you've got the wrong body mesh for the textures. Reinstall the correct component and drop the extra skins you don't want or need.
  10. NM, I just hid all the meshes and textures marked as "undies" and he's nude again. Won't be recruited though even on a brand new game though which is far more troubling.
  11. So I'm a little confused. I installed this mod and then when to go grab Kaiden, he's modified in my game to start out nude (I'd really love to give him a custom SAM Light preset but I haven't figured out how to do that yet) it's a quick work around to bypass his vanilla body and get him using SAM, and I was gratified to see he's much more well endowed now. Still a little on the scrawny side but I figured I'd just use the morphs on him but... as soon as I healed him he put on a pair of speedos. Why? How do I get those off?
  12. Just wanted to say thanks and I LOVE the updates. Went right into game to go check out Kaiden (he starts out naked in my game because I had to get rid of his old natty trousers that included the old body) and zomg them nips! I haven't done extensive testing in all positions armors yet but definitely no complaints from me.
    Perfect! I've been in love with the Sam Light Texture addon since it's release and the second KouLeifoh added face files I jumped on them too but... I guess I prefered a bit of scruff to my guys still. I tried layering it with Goenox's amazing normals but I got the dreaded neck seam for my troubles. Until this. It's perfectly seamless with the Sam Light Texture addon body textures and gives me back just enough stubble 10/10 cougar approves!
  13. Thanks so much for this! I've currently got a modified version of Males of Skyrim working in my SSE but I'm going to start another profile soon and look forward to trying this out on it then.
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