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  1. Thanks but I use Raptor's feet for my Argonians. It's just the beastly schlongs I need to make my vision complete. I want all the possible schlong variety
  2. Is it possible to add a race specific schlong option? I just want to use some of the new meshes from the Age of Yiffy conversion just for my Khajiits and Argonians, so they can have unique tackle but I still want all the usual dick options for my men and mer and I get turned right around when it comes to more than simple mesh and texture replacements.
  3. YES!!! I have wanted BadDog's Hoodies for SAM Light for so so long! I will do my best to figure out how to yoink them out of this for my game. Thank you thank you thank you!
  4. Y'all just kind of conveniently forget female players exist. As people. Not just as 3d models. There goes your possible allies, treated like imaginary (and highly unwanted) objects.
  5. No they don't conflict. The Muscular or Regular plugins determine the general "shape" of the schlongs that are available in game and their individual settings have their individual chance in game. But they each have a seemingly equal chance of appearing in your game. So far if I have two bandits and both of the "shape" plugins enable, each bandit will have a different general schlong to start with. Utilizing all the settings can get you quite the variety! This will give you fun things like a pack of bandits each with a totally different bit of tackle. @ Don I was wondering if you'd seen Baka's SOS collision patch? Is it compatible or could we get a similar patch? I tried a few mods that were meant for SOS not this patch with disasterous results so I wanted to check before I turned my man's tackle into some unimaginable horror again.
  6. Just a heads up to say that removing all the improperly packaged NPC overhauls has indeed resolved my face problems. Really thought I was going crazy with how weird my characters faces looked and it was all because of those. Got rid of some presets based on this head as well that were also improperly packed. I just will not bother downloading any of NPC Overhauls that use this head and are packed in a bsa or include anything beyond the NPC nif files. Thanks again Kouh!
  7. I am! Was just coming back to check because I was eyeing adding another new one to my list and it was mentioned in the comments that a lot of people had to roll back their version of High Poly Heads in order to make the mod work (and that there were extra assets included with those mods). I hid the esm on that one but not the bsa, I guess I'll go through all of them and hid their bsa's see if that fixes somethings. Thanks Kou! You're a champion
  8. Body is Sam Light, it already works with SE.
  9. Yeah MO didn't show any conflicts and it's really quite strange but nonetheless all of my female elves had bugged eyes till I moved those files about the high poly head mesh in the left pane of MO. They're still a little pop eyed but they're in a workable state now. Originally it was so bad that swapping the eye depth slider to it's lowest setting barely subdued the clipping. Sorry could not figure out how to post an image I'm more of a downloader and a gawker than uploader of useful things. enb2020_8_30_15_14_33.bmp Exactly like their problem. Except worse. enb2020_8_30_15_14_18.bmp
  10. Head's up. there's a slight conflict with the eye fixes included in SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support. Causes severe eyeball clipping through the head mesh for female elves that utilize this head. Temporary solution is to load this lower than the eye fixes in the left pane of MO.
  11. Oh I've already unpacked the BSA and found the textures. I just have to stop researching things for a hot minute and open photoshop with some scar textures.
  12. Yeah, @kreiste I can do the a new skin pretty easy but if there was a script attached (or the wrong body with the pants and a script attached to those) it would be beyond me. Didn't want to bother doing the textures and then find out I couldn't fix the pants or try to fix the pants and then find out I broke a script somewhere.
  13. Yoink! Thank you, Kreis! Extra thanks for the pants, I got real hung up on them for a bit. Are their scripts attached to his body textures when he wears the pants then? I can't just make a new one, name it the same and slip it into the folder?
  14. Are you using the SAM version of MoS? The original uses it's own body mesh, so you'll have a texture seam. Install a mod that makes it body mod compatible like the MoS SAM or even SOS patches that are currently available. Also there's plenty of other male face replacers, though some include a few women too like Pandorables. Most of the newer ones are 'texture preference aware' so they're easier to use with various bodies and texture combinations.
  15. Ah, that's what I was afraid of. Haven't touched my copy of Photoshop in several years I'm not sure I know how to use it anymore but I'll have to try. Yeah, I thought it would be easy to change an existing follower 😂 I'm an idiot. I wanted something a little more stable because the racemenu morphs are a little finicky and my game is way over modded, so it breaks a lot and i have to redo their bodies when I have to restart. Thought there was some secret trick I was missing with all the hot hunkiness on display here. I think a lot of people would still be interested in your tutorial though 😄 Thanks for the info guys, I guess I've just got to settle in and do the work.
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