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  1. I have some adidas trainers/sneakers I modified for SAM, I'll post them up later.
  2. Incorrectly configured subsurface scattering settings in your ENB and/or too bright _sk maps in your textures directory. To see which one is the culprit, replace the following files in Textures/Actor/Character/Female folder with the ones in the attached archive. femaleskmaps.7z femalebody_1_sk.dds femalehands_1_sk.dds femalehead_sk.dds
  3. It is a bit yeah, I've been messing around with the skeleton to get a bit of a taller skinnier shape, still loads of things to do with this.
  4. It's the weekend, or is it.. twinkend? The product of the last few days messing around with the recently relesed Bochu content, converting a bunch of it's resources to LE and editing this facemesh to get a young 18-19 year old elf, some more work to do with face textures and perhaps ear shape:
  5. Backporting is easy anyway, SSE nif optimiser will convert nif back to LE format and you can use photoshop cc2017 or later with NVidia DDS plugin to convert back to LE.
  6. Would it be possible to get an uncompressed version of this? The DXT compression artifacts result in some blockiness of the normal map. Thanks.
  7. It is better to be assumed an idiot, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.
  8. Hi, do you have an uncompressed version, lot of blockiness on some of the more extreme muscle versions, thanks.
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