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  1. In terms of LE, SOS and SAM textures have two major differences, first the seams between the hips and legs and second the feet. The rest is mostly fine. If you don't care much about these issues, you can simply open your SOS texture pack of choice and rename and rearrange the files to match the file structure of SAM textures. Since human characters can have five different texture sets in SAM Full for LE, you can even install several different sets and test them all out at the same time. To actually fix the issues with the legs and the feet though, you'll bascially have to ask the mod author to create a patch as fixing these kinds of problems in Photoshop yourself is a royal pain. Also, the nicest "gritty" male skin texture is probably Vitruvia, which has been adapted here.
  2. I found out that dark skin textures work really well for Orcs, it makes the coloured overlays both more saturated and more believable imo
  3. There are two tools: - built-in Sexlab pose adjustments: correct general XYZ coords - Nioverride pose adjustments: correct indivdiual limbs by manipulating the skeleton bones NIOPA takes a lot of getting used to and it usually takes a lot of tinkering to get good results. It's the only option to manipulate animations and poses while they're playing, though.
  4. I tested these Redguard textures and they look really good imo. Just got to adjust the nipples and feet somehow 😆
  5. You make them in a 3D program like Blender or 3ds Max. Here's a guide if you want to try making some: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/102265-custom-pose-creation-guide/
  6. Yes. You can also add physics by following the instructions on this mod page. Not from first hand experience. Here's a discussion about Selxab compatibility on Loverslab.
  7. It will probably be easier to go with the new Enderal Special Edition on Steam and SAM Light , SAM Morphs for Racemenu and SAM High Poly. They should work out of the box. Keep in mind that Enderal's armors are not refitted for SAM, so equipping them will hide the SAM body. The game uses a bunch of vanilla armor pieces here and there though, so the refits from SAM High Poly will cover those at least. Enderal LE and SAM Full can work together, but there are a bunch of hoops to jump through so I wouldn't recommend it for beginners at this point. I would also recommend sticking to Mod Organizer 2, Vortex is just terribly confusing tbh.
  8. Congratulations for finding the problem! Better Claws changes the file path of the beast hand meshes, so the hand meshes for SAM don't even get loaded. The armor pieces in Better Claws don't work with SAM, either, so the mod is rendered pointless.
  9. He was fed up with the community after years of problems, basically. I also remember reading that he wanted to find steady employment, but I can't find that statement anymore if it ever existed. You can scroll through his twitter to see only a few of the things that were on his mind before he left.
  10. Actually, Vector has a Patreon and quit the modding community without closing it or telling people on there that he left. It's still there and you can subscribe right now if you feel like it, but it's very unlikely he's ever coming back, sooo...
  11. This image is VERY heavily edited, but I think it's too cool not to share 😆 I overlayed two images to get a more even lighting on the body to be precise
  12. Somsommi's Realistic Chubby Body and Flawn's Vanilla Argonian Redux (LE/SE) are my new favourite combo. Flawn made a SAM patch that is available in his google drive, link is on the nexus page.
  13. Works perfectly so far! My characters don't understand how they gained all this weight, though (nsfw behind spoiler).
  14. Very cool! I tried porting it to LE and the body works just fine, but when I change the texture paths in BSShaderTextureSet for the genitals (since they have their own textures in LE), the schlong turns invisible. Same story when I try to isolate the genitals into their own nif files (malegenitals_0/1.nif). Anybody got an idea what to do?
  15. SAM's load order is quite straight-forward, see here: SAM rundown for High Poly: SAM Core - SAM High-Poly - SAM HDT BBB for High Poly - SAM textures - SAM armors - XPMSE FloppySOS and SexLab mods can go wherever, just try your best to keep your list tidy as an act of self-love. "Fill her up" takes a lot of tinkering. I *think* it uses the female belly node for inflation, a node that doesn't exist on the male skeleton iirc. You can just copy-paste skeleton nodes, though, which might already do the trick. If inflation already works, you can skip this. open both skeletons in Nifskope find the nodes in question on the female skeleton, choose "copy branch" go over to male skeleton, find the correct parent note, right click, "paste branch" Also, Fill her up contains meshes for the drops that I've been tinkering with myself, the "leaky pussy" mesh and another one. They are ankered to the pelvis, which looks wrong on male characters obviously. Here's a quick but imperfect fix: open the nifs in nifskope, find the "2 NiStringExtraData" which is set to "NPC Pelvis [Pelv]" and change it to "NPC Genitals06 [Gen06]" The position will still be wrong, but better than before.
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