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  1. Dredd


    I forgot where they were from and had to search for them first 😆 They're part of this pack for Slavetats: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68844
  2. Dredd

    Dredd's lost tumblr archive

    My old posts from tumblr, collected in one album.
  3. Very cool! Which esp do we need to load the meshes?
  4. I found this with a quick search on the Nexus page of "The Uchiha Clan": So my guess is that you are experiencing that Susanoo scale glitch, which is a problem of that mod and not a compatibility issue.
  5. It looks like a mix of different meshes and textures. The details don't line up very well when you look closely. The mesh could be a customized one via Bodyslide, there's a couple schlongs with sliders available for futa characters (exclusively, of course). The normal map looks very similar to the ones in the genital pack here:, only with a couple more veins: I assume these screenshots are from SSE, so the blue veins are probably painted onto the diffuse map since subsurface maps tend to be buggy in SSE, not sure though. Either way, they don't line up with the veins on the normal map, so it's probably a mix of different texture packs.
  6. SAM Light's genital textures are part of the body texture. Simply open the body texture you are using and see if the schlong's there (close to the upper left corner.) If it's missing, you're using textures that weren't created for SAM Light. I think you could shrink the body instead of enlarging the outfit, but you have to be very careful with neck, arm and foot seams. Another option is too zap all body parts that would clip through the outfit. Here's a tutorial.
  7. It's an issue with the Yiffy Age feet. They're working on a fix for it afaik. They also have a link to their discord server on their LL page, people there are more likely to be able to provide support.
  8. Happy holidays, and thanks to Kreis for his festive Wintersday Frock 2020-12-26 02-38-11 loop.mp4
  9. I felt inspired by a new beard mod called Beards of Power , check it out (LE) (SE)
  10. That's absolutely true, but those shots are closer than most screenshots peope make already. So I think that if there's no real impact at this kind of distance, it's not worth upscaling more textures since it doesn't make enough of a difference.
  11. I've been messing with image upscalers. One of these images uses Render's original textures, the other uses my upscaled versions. Can you spot the difference?
  12. Your best bet to find someone who'd do it may be here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/14429-yiffy-age-extensions-se-sam-patches-body-armor-random-stuff/ They are refitting different schlongs to SAM, though I don't know if horse schlongs in particular are on their agenda. Still, shouldn't hurt to ask.
  13. The new screen space reflections on water in the latest version of ENB look really nice.
  14. After 5 years of modding, I finally had the idea to throw together a Lion-King-themed Khajiit 🦁
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