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  1. Creating heads from scratch appears to be a lot of hard work, so people have stuck to optimising the vanilla meshes. It's possible that this is a bug with the clothes/armor. I remember having seen that problem before, but it's either gone from my game or I no longer notice lol Exactly, it adds some more advanced schlong physics. It is optimised for SOS, but SAM works. Some scaling issues, but nothing deal breaking. Mod page with instructions: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2180-floppysos/ FloppySOS needs to overwrite "hdt physics extentions", otherwise it can go wherever. Keeping it towards the end of your list is a good choice.
  2. Cartoony head mods: I don't know of any, but if they exist, there's a good chance that they will work with SAM. The worst that could happen are neck gaps, really. Racemenu sliders: They don't work well with SAM or any male body mod in general. SAM has its own set of sliders in its MCM, maybe try playing with those as well. No jiggle when dressed: Not all clothing mods support hdt physics. It's usually stated in the mod descriptions if they do. Always hard: while SAM provides the schlongs, it doesn't come with logic for them. They're basically just there. You can use mods like Sexlab Aroused Redux and/or FloppySOS to add some interactivity.
  3. Do you have the Dawnguard DLC? If not, disable SAM - Dawnguard Patch.esp
  4. Cool stuff! Getting permission from Vector himself may be difficult since he appears to have stepped away from the modding community for good, but as long as you adhere to the EULA, you can't go wrong. Most relevant paragraph: And about c), the watermark: So, no money, no rape/cp/bestiality, a link back to this site and maybe even the logo somewhere in the video and you'll be the poster child of making SAM videos ?
  5. Dredd

    SAM HDT Collision

    Cool dude, thank you for your hard work! I've been messing around with this file and FloppySOS and they seem to work together really well. Ironically, I havent' seen any belly distortion, but the body bounce looks good and the schlong collision works well without hurling the characters' balls into orbit like HDT BBB 1.5 does in conjunction with FloppySOS.
  6. Dredd

    FloppySOS Issue

    If you are using KouLeifoh's HDT BBB Bounce, make sure to use version 1.4. Version 1.5 isn't compatible with FloppySOS.
  7. I have had the same problem with one or two armors here an there. I think they lack/ don't pass on the information SAM needs to morph the schlong, so the schlong is shown at default position instead. I'm afraid I don't know how to fix that, it could simply be a missing node or value, or it could be more complicated and require editing in Bodyslide.
  8. This tutorial is going to provide some basic information on what modular armors are and how the user can easily customise them using the program Nifskope. If you know of armors that are modular, feel free to mention them in this thread so people can find them! OVERVIEW / TL;DR Part 1: remove armor parts Install Nifskope Open armor_0.nif in Nifskope right click the parts you want to delete in the right pane Block > Remove > OK save changes repeat for armor_1.nif Part 2: make armor revealing (aka show the schlong) find the NiTriShape SAMRevealing in the left pane and expand left click BSLightingShaderProperty find the Alpha value in the lower pane and set it from 0 to 1 (0= invisible, 1 = opaque) save changes (also in both *_0.nif and *_1.nif) SLOW AND CLEAR I. What do you mean, 'modular'??? In the vast and exciting world of Skyrim modding, an armor set that is described as 'modular' usually consists of several pieces of armor that can be equipped individually in-game. While that is cool and all, it is not the kind of modular we mean in this tutorial. In the context of SAM, "modular armors" are armors that appear as one single equippable item in-game but have been 'cut up into pieces' for external editing. The idea is that you can hide or delete the armor parts you don't want to create armors that are as revealing as you want them to be. Not many of these modular armors have been created, but for the few modular armors that do exist, this tutorial will teach you how to make use of their unique feature. The only way to identify if a piece of armor is 'modular' in that sense is to open it in a program like Nifskope and check. This is what a non-modular armor looks like when you open it in Nifskope. The whole armor is one big shape that can't be edited without extensive know-how. And this is what a modular armor looks like in Nifksope. The armor is split up into several shapes that can easily be edited independently from each other even with little know-how. II. Getting ready to do the thing The only tool you need to edit modular armors is Nifskope. The latest build at the moment of writing is 2.0 Dev 7. Some people prefer older builds, but it doesn't really matter for our purposes. Download the archive, unpack it to wherever you fancy and Bob's your uncle. Next, we need some modular armors to actually edit. The most prominent ones are the originals by Vector. They are available on SAM's main download page. Download the archives, unzip them and locate the main armor files. Alternatively, install the files with your mod manager of choice first and open them afterwards through your mod manager. The files we want to modify are the cuirass/armor meshes. Boots, gauntlets and helmets don't matter for our purposes, so simply leave them alone. Also, notice that there are two files of everything, a *_0.nif and a *_1.nif . This is necessary for SAM to function correctly. Thus, if we make changes in one of the files, we need to make the same changes in the other file as well to retain functionality. III. Do the thing Note: What we are going to do to the .nif files is irreversible, so you should keep a back-up copy of the original files in case you are unsatisfied with your edits or want to switch back and forth between them. Now, let's start by editing the Daedric cuirass as an example. It is located at SAM-Optional-Legacy-Skimpy-Armors\Meshes\Armor\Daedric 1. Open daedriccuirass_0.nif in Nifskope. It will look something like this: Note: The funky colors are Nifskope 2.0's way of telling you that it is unable to find the armors' textures. If they bother you, click on the light bulb in the upper tool bar and then on the icon that shows a grey checkerboard to make everything appear as grey. In older versions of Nifskope, everything will be displayed as grey from the get-go. 2. Right click on the part of the armor you want to remove. In the menu that appears, go to Block > Remove . Click OK if a warning appears and the shape will be deleted. Repeat with all armor parts you want to remove. Note that in this particular armor, the glowy parts are also individual pieces, so don't forget to delete them as well if you remove the meshes underneath or they will float in thin air later in-game. 3. Save your changes. Then close daedriccuirass_0.nif and open daedriccuirass_1.nif. 4. Delete the exact same parts you deleted in daedriccuirass_0.nif. Save and close. 5. If you edited the files before installing them, repack everything to a new archive, give it its own name and install it like you would any other mod. And that's it, you successfully customised a modular piece of armor. Again, deleting the meshes is irreversible, so always keep a back-up copy of the original, unedited file. IV. Make modular armors revealing If you want these armors to be revealing, just deleting the underwear mesh won't be enough. A few extra steps are necessary to let it all hang out. 1. Delete as many armor parts as you like following the steps above. Notice that you don't need to remove all shapes that cover the crotch area for this to work, but the schlong might clip through anything directly in front of it. 2. Once you are satisfied, look at the left pane and find the NiTriShape SAMRevealing. Expand it by clicking on the little arrow next to it and left click on BSLightingShaderProperty. 3. In the lower pane, find the Alpha value. Left click on the numbers and set them from 0 to 1 (0 = invisible, 1 = opaque) 4. Save your changes. Don't forget to make the same edits in both the *_0.nif and *_1.nif files. Note 1: If the piece of armor you are editing doesn't have a SAMRevealing node, it can't be made revealing with this method. In that case, you may want to ask the mod author for help. Note 2: If there are gaps around the schlong when you equip your edited armor, the file is probably faulty and you may want to try a different mod or ask the mod author for help. And that's it! One last thing to note is that you don't have to delete the armor parts. Instead, you can do the same thing we did with the SAMRevealing node: click on the armor part you want to edit in the left pane, go to its BSLightingShaderProperty page and set the Alpha from 1 to 0. If you do it this way, you can easily reverse your edits. The downside to that is that not all armor parts have a BSLightingShaderProperty page attached to them, so it doesn't always work. Have fun!
  9. Thank you so much, I was hoping somone would find it in their heart to refit at least some of these!
  10. Dredd

    SAM HDT Collision

    I've been using this for a while and I just recently noticed how well it actually works. In conjunction with FloppySOS, schlongs finally move according to how they get touched pretty well. Nsfw video in the spoiler to illustrate what I mean: EDIT: I did some more testing and it doesn't work as well as I initially thought. It looks as if schlongs react a little to mouths and hands with this xml file + FloppySOS, but not all that much if at all. I don't know, may just have been my imagination.
  11. This one has in fact been done:
  12. I personally would love to see more skimpy versions of vanilla outfits, but there aren't all that many out there afaik. Refurbmadness makes skimpy but not revealing armors. Some of them have been refitted already, though. They're also decidedly girly, but to each their own. A refit of Winter is Coming - Cloaks could be cool, too. They actually fit relatively well even without being refitted, so all it needs would be a few tweaks here and there. to make them perfect. Not necessarily skimpy, unless you don't equip much else ? Everyone's favourite Immersive Armors contains a few skimpy male items, too. Refitting this mod at least in parts would also make you a bit of a hero because it has been requested before quite often iirc. Apart from that, I found a thread on reddit some time ago that contains a massive amount of links to all kinds of armor mods. Highlights include: Apachii Divine Elegance Store contains a ridiculous amount of fun and sometimes silly stuff, from actually good armors to underwear and towels to painted fingernails. Maybe you'll find something in there that's really worth refitting. Then there's Black desert Online Part 1 and Part 2. They look pretty damn good, at least in the screenshots. The author appears to be korean, so there might be a bit of a language barrier when it comes to asking for permission.
  13. Did Expired really stop development? I can't find any evidence on that other than that the last alpha build is from 17 April, but that doesn't have to mean that he stopped. Also, other people appear to work on NiOverride SSE independently and I have read of workarounds to get it to work to some extend. There's a great SSE conversion tracking thread on loverslab that helps a lot with staying up to date.
  14. Okay, I went through all the files. Here's what they are: http://www.gamemales.com/thread-16981-1-1.html These are the Tera refits by @Kirax I believe. They suffer from clipping, so he apparently took them down to rework them. Look here: http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=15867 This is the file "DarkestLycan Jockstraps for SAM", a jockstrap mod by Hymnaru iirc. Hymnaru is generally cool with us sharing his files as long as it's on this site. If someone has a "trustworthy" copy, we could put it up. Proof: http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=16414 I don't know who made this. It's a skimpy Nightingale armor for Schlongs of Skyrim. It's not actually refitted, so the SAM sliders don't work on it. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=16414 Another Tera refit, this time the Dark Knight Armor. It's a pretty old file, I don't know who made it so we can't ask for permission to reupload it. Maybe Kirax will refit this one, too, since he's working on Tera refits already. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12582 Another file by Hymnaru, "Barbarian Loincloths Non-BSA". As mentioned before, we can upload this one if someone has a clean copy of it. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12861 More old Tera armor refits, presumably by the same author as the other old one. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=15348 A refit of this armor: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66778/? Again, unknown author of the refit, so we can't ask for permission. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14895 File reads "Vampire Suit". Doesn't download for me. http://www.gamemales.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14613 File reads "Gunslinger Suit for SAM". Never seen it before, maybe another Tera armor refit?