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  1. Would someone be willing to show the comparison between each of them?
  2. It seems like whatever you install in the the FOMOD installer never actually goes into the game because I had the pubes options set as yes but I have yet to see it in the game
  3. This Vindictus armor in Skyrim looks great!
  4. Does this happen to anyone else? Whenever I load my game my character seems to be fully erect and when I try to change it back in race menu it ends up crashing it does that if I change anything in the SAM menu as well sometimes this doesn't even happen when I load my game and all the physics are fine is getting very annoying because if SAM wants to update actors around me for example during fort battles my game completely freezes is there any way to have SAM on just my character alone I've attached my papyrus logs and load order Papyrus.0.log Load Order.txt
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