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    How I Refit Armors

    I see, no problem ^^ I found other technique and I'm going to try it out, it seems more cumbersome but if the thing works, it will be worth it. Then, I can try skimpyfying other armor other armours
  2. kadsend

    How I Refit Armors

    Dismemberment data? I didn't even know that existed Well, I could PM you the file with the nifs and tris for you to take a look, I'm kinda noob at this thing... And I really want to refit some armours ;-;
  3. kadsend

    How I Refit Armors

    Uhh... I think I made that right... On nifskope everything seems right... the 0 Ni Node is the root so at least that is right...
  4. kadsend

    [SAM] Steel Armor Replacer

    We need a steel armor replacer so this mod does fill a neat niche ^^ However, the back of the belt mesh is kinda large and there are some major clipping on the shoulders...also there's the underwear thingy missing but the author already said he will fix it.
  5. kadsend

    How I Refit Armors

    Um...so I was trying to make a mashup and this happened: I didn't delete any tris so I don't think that is something related to poligon mismatch... I tried following your tutorial all the time but still i have this...thing Using SAM Lite and vanilla steel armour...
  6. I see...Welp, when I used SOS and Floppy it didn't happen, but SAM seem to have this issue ;-; I can overlook this tough, but thanks for the info
  7. Straight to the point: Is SAM or SAM Light compatible with Floppy SOS? Is some tweak or plugin required? I've tried but the dong itself clips with the balls...a lot when moving!. I'm using ENB and SOS Full. Thanks for the help! enb 2019_02_19 19_17_59_33.bmp
  8. WORKED like a charm! Many thanks mate!
  9. Why the nordplate armor appears black on my game? Even using vanilla textures it happens... It just appears normal when I use the normal SAM refits... Is it something related to the mesh itself? enb 2019_02_08 18_31_06_40.bmp