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  1. Since I'm going to change my PC and reinstall all mods, I'll make a list of links that I found that might be useful to me or someone ****First BODY(SAM😞 Main Mods: SAM Light (Main mod) SAM High Poly Conversion HDT SMP (Optional) SAM HDT Conversion HDT BBB OR HDT-SMP Configs (Made for SOS but work with SAM)(Better in my opinion) Schlong of SAM Light - Continuation or Schlong of SAM Light XPMSSE(Load Lest) As main texture i use SAM Light Texture Add-on ****SAM Morphs for RaceMenu*****: (Very useful, but optional) Can be used to load textures other than the original, up to 10(diffuse,normal and specular) remembering to rename each file Ex.: malebody_1.dds to malebody_01.dds up to 10 (Better details on the mod's main page) ****Textures to use with Racemenu SAM Morphs: ****If you like to use female armor without have to convert, A Femboy is a great option( have all the male characteristics like pronouns) ******************* I will edit and add more later. this is my first post tell me if something's wrong thank you
  2. wow, how did you get her to look like that, some of your mods?
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