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  1. Hi dude first let me thanks you for this amazing mod its great and its working flawless and secondly for my game when ı use this mod with SAM High Poly Conversion 1.3 & HDT BBB Bounce for SAM (all-in-one) v1.4 when ı use sliders in racemenu my body getting invisible whenever i increase or decrease my body setttings in racemenu so ı think its conflicting but ım not sure this is just my guess so if anyone has this problem guys using this mod and using the mods above in my comment please tell me.
  2. Hi guys I have a problem my skyrim has worked until today after ı did some merging and trying to start new game , and now when ım trying to start new game its loading but after couple of seconds game crash to desktop ı did check my load order with tes5edit it gave me error so then ı did as the program said for fixing issue but game stil crashing to desktop when ı try to start new game button after loading screen and couple of seconds so guys ım hopeless right now ı hope someone help me for this here is my load order ım about to lose my mind here thanks guys already. Before ı forgot as you can see all plugins in listed below have some numbers but also some plugins doesnt have numbers so thats the plugins that ı bashed patch.
  3. Thanks man I'll relief with your knowledge I appreciated.
  4. Naurdor I have to ask you something ı've read somewhere in other forums sam body installation istructions it said Vanilla skyrim Refits with SAM Modular armors and Skimpy Armor they conflict each other is true do you know about something if you know can you share your knowledge with me I'll appreciated if you answer this message cause I was use that too ı mean Vanilla Skyrim Refits with Skimpy armors thanks already.
  5. sorrry for late answering from me but ı can tell this thanks Cyrus it works that you said to me so thanks my friend your my man.
  6. hi ı fix my problem thanks to you guys, this maybe a irrelevant question but can anyone tell me how can ı adjust all male npc's penis shape and size ı mean ı know there is a menu for that purpose but is there any way adjust all of them at the same time same penis shape and penis size changing settings.
  7. guys as ı said before problem is fixed and as a matter affect ı know which mod is cause this problem; its a vampire mod its add to all vampires in skyrim real claw the mod is called "Vampires Fight With Claws" so guys if anyone like me using this mod please dont use it but maybe just only to me happening this so if this problem with this mod doesnt happen to you you can use it ım just saying thanks already everyone.
  8. thanks man you really did it you really solve my problem thanks guys for million times thanks its fix the problem,now ı have to active my mods slowly and testing cause ı dont want to happen this problem again.Thanks again Vector your job is really hard creating mod just one thing but fixing people problem ı think is really require some pation thanks already.
  9. ı dont know am ı do it right but ı did start new game and create new save and load that but my problem is still there. what do you mean try to create a new part to find out if the problem is not from a redundant script ?
  10. edit: it doesnt work no matter what ı do it doesnt work guys cant you help my problem ım stuck ı check everything and remove everything that ı thought equipping stuff on slot 52 but ım stuck so please help me cause if you cant ı have to remove sam and use SOS body instead ı can start over modding skyrim because of this problem that would be unfair so guys please help me thanks already guys.
  11. I uncheck every sexlab mod except sexlab itself ı will try that way for last solution if it works ı write here if didnt work ı write here too.
  12. ı look into that but sorry there is nothing in there when ı hovering over slot 52 on the right side it said none
  13. ok thanks for help ı will try it for sure if its fix my problem ı write here if it doesnt fix problem ı will write here also. ı will try to remove some mods that equipping stuff on slot 52 but how ı can find that mod that ı dont get it can you be more specific
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