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  1. I noticed the genitals disappeared too so I had to disable, and agreed the hotfix isn't really working by default. EDIT: The hotfix actually does work but you have to keep in mind the load order of your Mod Organizer. Basically you have to force the hotfix to be loaded last and overwrite the genitals included in the high poly mod. The name of the hotfix genital file in Mod Organizer by default is "SAM" which merges it into the SAM meshes, but that gets overridden by the broken high poly genitals which is why the hotfix doesn't work by default. The solution is to rename the hotfix during installation to something unique like "SAM-High Poly Hotfix" so that it appears as a seperate mod when installed, then make sure it's at the bottom of your load order. Otherwise it is simply "SAM" by default and merges into preexisting SAM file and fails to overwrite the high poly version.
  2. Sweet, this thread has really taken off. Enjoy some more screens of Kurtis & Co.
  3. There used to be an installation guide, but a big section of these forums that were shut down about a month ago due to the moderators wanting this to be more of a mod "creator" forum rather than mod "user" forum, if that makes sense. It's a really awful thing, doesn't make much sense to me, lost of a lot of content and discussions, but it wasn't my decision. You have to install S.A.M through Mod Organizer, which you can figure out how to use elsewhere on the internet. SAM is installed the same as any other skyrim mod that you can find on Nexus Mods, keep in mind that Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer do the same thing, except M.O is generally better. I would recommend installing some other mods that way and figure it out, then come back and try to install SAM. There are plenty of guides on how to use Mod Organizer on Youtube, etc.
  4. Hey guys, I just jumped back into Skyrim and it's just so satisfying to clobber down some foes with my giant barbarian axe!! There's something so primal and f***ing awesome about Skyrim. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our favorite skyrim mods. I'm always looking for new mods to spice up my gameplay!! I installed these two gameplay mods called "Sands of Time" + "Genesis" that intelligently drop a ton of extra monsters into the game, plus this mod called "Immersive Monsters" which has some cool new monster skins and types, which all together make the game is so much more dynamic and "alive", plus you level so fast and its much more fun when you are always frantically trying to survive these crazy huge battles, zombie invasions of the cities, etc. Other random recommendations for modding Skyrim: "Immersive Patrols"; "Floppy SOS" (this one actually works with SAM and males males sooooo f**king hot); also "Skyrim Bigger Trees". Some final tips, I love using my console commands (~) to "unequipall" after clicking targets hehe, if you set SAM to scale+schlong NPCs haha.. guilty pleasure, plus you can kinda cheat with console commands to give yourself unlimited Grand Soul gems to use your magic weapons. Also, a huge tip: the best male follower included in the game is Vorstag. He is found in the Sliver-Blood Inn in Markath. So awesome to have a studly barbarian at your side to bash some monsters in with, and he looks great after modding with "SAM" + "Floppy SOS" (yes they are compatible)!! I was trying to find the best male follower mods but then I realized the best male companion is Vorstag, and you don't need a mod to get him. The game doesn't like you taking his armor off and swapping it around but you can actually do it by using the command "showinventory" (while selecting Vorstag) then you write down the item code for his armor, then click on him and use the command "removeitem <item code> 1" (while selecting Vorstag). This allows you to swap in anything you want by trading with him with "E". Pairs great with Legacy Skimpy Armors!! Plus, you can make any companion essential (so he never "dies", just "faints") by using the command "help Vorstag 4" (or other companion name's) then write down the unique base ID #, then use the command "setessential <base ID#> 1". It makes the follower unkillable. Plus there is a mod to turn off Friendly Fire. I find that these literal alterations have made my gameplay much more enjoyable...!
  5. Hey man, late reply but I took advantage of this sale too! I saw Skyrim available on Steam for $6.79 or some ridiculously sweet price around Black Friday this year and I was like heckkk yeah... I played back in the day on PS3 but I haven't played it for such a long time. But interest for the game was spiking online due to Special Edition dropping recently, and I always wanted to test out skyrim modding on the PC... TBH I skipped Special Edition because a lot of mods aren't ported yet, and also my only access to Windows is a low-specs laptop... But I found some optimization mods that lowers several important specs through the .ini settings (program called BethINI), and a program that compresses the textures, and this program called HialgoBoost that lowers the DirectX9 resolution dynamically when you shake your mouse... The game was sooo slow at first, but after these mods I've improved my framerate from ~15 FPS to like ~25 FPS (I have a VERY low spec laptop lol). I know it's dumb to even try running skyrim basically on a netbook with 4GB of ram, but especially with my sexy male mods it's like my guilty pleasure when I get breaks from work and school haha.
  6. Moderator note: This is part 1 of NSFW Screenshot Showoff Thread. Following threads: Part 2: https://vectorplexus.com/topic/1221-screenshot-showoff-thread-—-part-2/ I just installed SAM after a long hiatus from Skyrim (first time on PC) and I've finally gotten the hang of modding. Pardon the potato graphics, ya know the low spec struggle. My character's name is Kurtis and he is a level 9 dual-handed axe warrior. He loves bashing in baddies with his huge... axe. Here is an album with more of Kurtis on Imgur. (VERY NSFW). I'm interested to see what kind of dudes you guys have made with this awesome tool!
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