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  1. No SAM Light option for what exactly? And with normal SAM the issue is that instead of just one diffuse, one normal, one specular, and one subsurface texture it has multiple. It uses scripting to assign different textures depending on MCM settings. I use normal SAM with the SAM Light textures and all it took was duplicating the Light textures, renaming them, and overwriting the normal SAM files. But also that's graphics intensive and I wouldn't recommend it if your system is on the average to low side.
  2. Hmm. Could it be a weight painting issue? I've had this happen when I either forgot to assign tri morphs, or when I forgot to copy bone weights from the body mesh. Other than that I'm not sure.
  3. Hmm. I'm pretty sure I can actually. The only problem would be I always make my armors for weight _1 because I'm lazy and like my dudes varying degrees of beefy lol.
  4. Problems like that are due to armor slots in the creation kit. You can check in both nifskope and outfit studio, but I find outfit studio much easier. But when you drop a mesh in Outfit Studio, you can check the "partitions" tab to see (and change if necessary) which slots each piece occupies. Then in the creation kit, in both the armor and armor addon, make sure the correct slots are selected.
  5. Gonna enjoy the main quest a lot more now
  6. The regular mod is https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20077 here. If you mean the one I'm using in the screenshot, it's a personal mod I made. I wouldn't mind uploading it if there wasn't a matter of permissions.
  7. It's a personal mashup I made of the Stormcloak Officer armor, Tsun armor, and Steel armor. And the skin is
  8. Finally made a Tribunal Robe refit.
  9. skyrimjob

    Skimpy Wolf Armor Standalone Help

    Change the skimpy armor nif file names in your data > meshes > armor > wolf folder to something different (I'd do skimpybodym_0 and skimpybodym_1) Restore the vanilla nif files (I do this by opening nifskope, going to file, browse archive, go to your skyrim data folder, open Skyrim Meshes.bsa, then in nifskope click armor, scroll down to wolf, double click bodym_0 then file > save as > save to your wolf folder, do the same thing for bodym_1) Load up the Creation Kit with the appropriate esm Find the Wolf Armor Cuirass in armor addons (if I'm not mistaken I believe it's actually named companions armor or something like that in the creation kit) Duplicate it and double click to open Change the name to skimpywolfAA or whatever you choose, and change the nif file to the skimpy one Close the dialogue box and go to armors (not armor addon like before), find the wolf armor (once again think the file name has companion in it) Duplicate that, open it and change the name Delete the armor addon, right click, choose new Type the name of the armor addon you made in step 6, double click it Close the dialogue box and save your esp (really you should save after doing everything because the Creation Kit isn't kind)