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  1. It'll be fine if I just relent....

  2. It's funny how some people can be so "brave" When they got shit to say to you but then they run and hide when you pull it up with them, like whatever happened to your "bravery"?

  3. I look good in every angle so you don't like me besides you

  4. You should learn to read, cause to clear up confusion the BT work is all new and exclusive but ok go off trying to erase me off my own work and reaching for anything to justify doin that... But like I said y'all can keep this shit.
  5. don't go and try to twist shit, you'll hurt yourself. You knew the work I did was exclusive and new. For you to try to pull this shit then play victim when I turn up and pull it up with you is getting ***ing old. As noted you have no permissions to the work you're using. I will not be nice again. It's especially telling how you talk shit on me, play victim when I call your ass out and used me for your gain yet you have nothing of your own, and you use everything from me. It's even funnier that you literally came back here between your legs cause you don't have anything original to bring to Skyrim nor did you have the skills to work with Skyrim. No matter how much you hate me, you have built yourself up off me. You want to say you're not a social climber, but it's prime evidence here. You literally hate me until I benefit you in some way, then you love what I'm doing. The way you actin, I should claim you on my taxes... call me momma You know what, you can keep it. and the fake friends you took with you sis... Keep all that shit lmao.
  6. The floor here is made of floor, The only difference is you made yours a little bit wider and higher up and mapped it like shit. Sis The topology matches. also Except BT isn't free to use as you want and you and I both know it's not EVB at core as it was a whole new base mesh leito created for BT's extended skeleton setup, so you taking anything off BT without permissions is kinda there... FOH with trying to go over my head. It's shady you tried to go to someone who isn't even the author of the work you're rippin up for a cosign on your bullshit sis. It's even shadier you went to ousnius and made him step over me so you can do whatever bullshit you wanted. *** out of here.
  7. can't ride my wave, get knocked off.. 

  8. Hey, did you not remember you do not have permission to rip BT assets? Do I need to make you remember that? So Miley what's good? Most of the work you took, I have permissions/control over. For you to not only take them without any permission and erase me out of it shows you thought you could do this with imputiny. So unless you made an all new model work on the EVB body ( You didn't you just ripped older EVB versions (ew), slapped the asshole from BT and thought it would be enough (with shitty UV's might I add...). Not only that you can't even weight your own work, so you reffed BT, which I weighted by hand with Zaz's work on the penis and anus. ) You really have no right to pull this shit and try to act like you have any right to be mad when I respond. and your little slider affair looks sad, especially when you note the Nuclear one is both Aryayda Sliders from BT at 100% and your other one is StomachFat + a few sliders at 100% You couldn't even make something that didn't already exist in BT, but ok... Take L's there cause you couldnt' even make the sliders look like they were from Greyshepherd's pack or coldsteel's work rather than ripped from the custom work I did for BT because what you and others don't know is I fixed a few details in the sliders I pulled for an aesthetic and seeing them in your work confirmed my suspicions you're just a lame who tried it. And if you're gonna rip me off, at least take the improvements I made, The wimpy beth hands and no dismember just looks sad. L's taken there cause you didn't even make improvements sis. You're just taking L's at this point. It's funny how you dislike me and everything, but you can't stop trying to ride my wave and you love everything I do.
  9. Either they're available per permissions or they're not. Not my problem.
  10. Call me the Ringleader cause I'm dealing with so many clowns. 

  11. Ri and @bennzoor's boy James just... (Tactically) Durr-ing around in their Pjs (I may or may not have had too much fun pulling these Durr Burger PJs from Fortnite just for this shot)
  12. TBOS-WorkingVisibleWeaponsZeXSkeletonPatch.7z
  13. M-Face goes far lighter than most other skins, so it's really incompatible with any other skin mod. IIRC it has a version that matches vanilla colouring, but it's still not the best.
  14. Keep in mind the ESL File is for the LooksMenu Integration. It is actually a blank plugin and does nothing but allow the needed LooksMenu integration files to be loaded by the game and LooksMenu. ESL Files are light master files, So they should and will be loaded before your ESP files. They're pretty useful for saving plugin space, but can only be applied to very few things.
  15. View File Basic Jeans SSE A Conversion and Recolour of Hepsy's Basic Jeans with My Recolours and edits. It's fit for SAM SSE Light (High Poly). This is my first refit to SAM and my Second Skyrim Mod overall. It's not perfection as it'll clip a bit into boots, but it's nice enough to wear and mash up with other outfits. Hopefully it'll be of use to someone. It comes in 7 Colours, 2 original from Hepsy, with 5 new ones based on ones I wear normally. I think I have a PSD file for it somewhere. The button is cubemapped with a copper cubemap. It only includes the pants, no shirt, as I figured there were some modular shirts out there that could use some nice jeans to go on them. Credits: Vector - Body Meshes Hepsy - Jean Meshes & Textures Original Mod Credits: Bethesda Softworks HG EyeCandy Body (RAIAR & MadCat221) RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52 (Robert2) Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons (coronerra) Submitter The Bottomhood of Steel Submitted 04/30/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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