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  1. The Bottomhood of Steel

    BodyTalk Vanilla and DLC Armor Refits are gone from the Nexus

    Either they're available per permissions or they're not. Not my problem.
  2. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    and I thought you had nothing to say to me...
  3. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    Don't even try that... "i was slowing adding the old ones to nexus " and the new ones you claimed you had up, you didn't. For someone who has nothing to say to me you sure said a whole lotta nothing ...
  4. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    Except I could have pointed out a number of mods you werent' following permissions on that had been available on VP for a while but weren't available on nexus at all, but since you threw your toys out the window, aint' much that can be done now. You even admitted yourself up there, so don't try to backpedal with me, thank u. Since you have nothing you want to add, consider this conversation dead from me... You tried playin me, get deaded on.
  5. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    And there goes your arguement out the window. You're acting completely entitled because I held you responsible to what we agreed to. as you'll note around I've been perfectly reasonable with people who follow my permissions and don't try to act like I owe them anything. I allowed Blaze to use the Base BT assets in his Selachii mod with credits, I've allowed good to use my work with full permissions (Except the default textures, as they were kinda created exclusively for BT2) and other people have been making mods for BT with BT assets without issues. You're just trying so hard to act like you should be given a special pass for no reason and I don't care for that. Even after removing Alnarta from my server for their rudeness and attitude, they're still allowed to use BT assets in Project Apollo and I even mentioned that I was working on adapting it to BT2 features, to which they did anyway. You are the only one here who has been on this whole ass mess of not wanting to follow the simple things we agreed to.
  6. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    shit I don't have proof of... Did you hit your head? Cause you forgot I did send you proof of that in DM's - The guy you literally helped through on a mod project you knew I would say no to and only when it was complete and ready to go live did y'all even think to ask permissions on? Your second bit - No excuses. You agreed to what I said, you're held to that. You didn't. you had mods that were sitting here for weeks without being available as per permissions. You can say whatever you like about it. If you didn't want me enforcing this, you should have done more to be on the ball. It is not my problem, it is not my responsibility, and it is surely nothing I'm doing wrong in telling you to get in line to what you agreed to after I let you slack tf off on it. I don't care how boring, how stupid, how pointless or any other adjective you have to use to describe the process.
  7. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    If you didn't agree with it, you shouldn't have agreed to the permissions and stopped from the door. It is not my problem you agreed to something you dislike. You agreed to it, so you're gonna be held to your agreement. So what you not gon do is try to play no martyr with me or anyone else. and we're not gonna bring back up the social climbing thing cause last I *** checked, when I kicked you off BT dev you decided to write a whole ass letter to charlie about you leaving my server "for the people who were there for you specifically" If that ain't social climbing, the *** is it you were doing? Awfully convenient you leave that out when you try to play victim and act like you're such a pure modder who cares about the community when you literally were in my server playing up the victim role and telling people that you were moving to your own server with hookers and blackjack because you didn't like that I kicked you off dev. Like I said when I DM'ed you on it, I let you slack off and not follow through and I had enough when you decided to encourage other people to do things against my permissions and expect me to be happy with it. Reread the first sentence cause it's still a point there. I don't give a *** what you feel about what we agreed to, you are to follow what we agreed to, that ain't you being my employee, that's you being held to something you agreed to. If you dislike that, that ain't my problem. Go put a diaper on and call ya momma if you dislike being held responsible for shit. Don't ever in your *** life think you gonna play me and get away with it.
  8. The Bottomhood of Steel

    What's going on?

    Due to his consistent disregard for the permissions he and I agreed to after removing him from BT development, ulf has had his permissions to use BT2 assets revoked. I'm not gonna deal with someone who not only doesn't follow what he agreed to but constantly argues when I enforce what we agreed to or act like a victim because of an agreement we made. He knew what we agreed to, he didn't follow them, so it isn't my problem to tell him to *** off. He wanted to be a child about it and talk about tossing his toys out the crib, so I told him to completely remove them if he's gonna do that. Cause see what he's not gon do is play victim, throw tantrums and try to threaten content removal to get people mad at me for enforcing what he and I agreed to. I don't give a shit if it means less content. Don't ever play me like that. As far as luke - IDK. I got pissed because Ulf basically cosigned him uploading his content exclusively here, knowing full well I was uncomfortable and didn't like people uploading content exclusively here as it really doesn't help grow BT2, since not many people know of this site, will sign up to this site for such little content and etc etc etc. I've discussed this before on my server and have respectfully asked that if you're uploading to VP, you please make it available on Nexus as well. I dislike exclusivity of mods be it paywalls, hidden forums, or any type of secret club you have to know about or join, especially when it's stuff using my work. The fact that Luke not only took down the nexus page for it, went to ulf's server (Where I'm not invited or allowed) to discuss this, knowing full well I've objected (As he was in my (old) server and knew of what I respectfully asked) and thought nothing to bring it up to me where I would have found a solution if he didn't want to upload to Nexus (Likely integration into the main mod page) is a bit of a slap to the face, but whatever. I consider it no losses if people don't show any respect for what I kindly ask. It's now a stipulation in permissions, since it couldn't be respected when it was politely asked. If you're uploading BT content - it must be available on the Nexus as well - no excuses unless it's not content that wouldn't be allowed, in which case it should be publically available where anyone can access it, not hidden behind paywalls or secret clubs/discords/etc. And for any of you cowards who want to jump in on this thread talkin out the sides of your ass about shit you don't know or bashing me for enforcing something that was agreed to, it's best you don't, especially since most y'all likely hid on ulf's server and bashed me instead of pulling it the *** up directly with me, so now I don't care to hear any of it... Ok? Ok...
  9. Call me the Ringleader cause I'm dealing with so many clowns. 

  10. The Bottomhood of Steel

    Download — Fallout 4 - Vanilla and DLC's Refits for BodyTalk2

    Great job, but I've mentioned this before that I dislike Exclusive content, Having the refits secluded to a site very few know about does nothing to help the mod and I've mentioned to ulf that his refits hosted here must be hosted on Nexus as well... I'd expect him to have told you to discuss this with me knowing that I have asked this of him... (Then again that seems to be getting ignored, so I guess my permissions don't matter...)
  11. The Bottomhood of Steel

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Ri and @bennzoor's boy James just... (Tactically) Durr-ing around in their Pjs (I may or may not have had too much fun pulling these Durr Burger PJs from Fortnite just for this shot)
  12. The Bottomhood of Steel

    Fallout 4 BodyTalk 2 problem.

  13. The Bottomhood of Steel

    (NSFW)Fallout 4: Share your Character's Look!

    M-Face goes far lighter than most other skins, so it's really incompatible with any other skin mod. IIRC it has a version that matches vanilla colouring, but it's still not the best.
  14. The Bottomhood of Steel

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Keep in mind the ESL File is for the LooksMenu Integration. It is actually a blank plugin and does nothing but allow the needed LooksMenu integration files to be loaded by the game and LooksMenu. ESL Files are light master files, So they should and will be loaded before your ESP files. They're pretty useful for saving plugin space, but can only be applied to very few things.
  15. The Bottomhood of Steel

    Download — Basic Jeans SSE

    View File Basic Jeans SSE A Conversion and Recolour of Hepsy's Basic Jeans with My Recolours and edits. It's fit for SAM SSE Light (High Poly). This is my first refit to SAM and my Second Skyrim Mod overall. It's not perfection as it'll clip a bit into boots, but it's nice enough to wear and mash up with other outfits. Hopefully it'll be of use to someone. It comes in 7 Colours, 2 original from Hepsy, with 5 new ones based on ones I wear normally. I think I have a PSD file for it somewhere. The button is cubemapped with a copper cubemap. It only includes the pants, no shirt, as I figured there were some modular shirts out there that could use some nice jeans to go on them. Credits: Vector - Body Meshes Hepsy - Jean Meshes & Textures Original Mod Credits: Bethesda Softworks HG EyeCandy Body (RAIAR & MadCat221) RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52 (Robert2) Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons (coronerra) Submitter The Bottomhood of Steel Submitted 04/30/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim