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  1. Oh I see, thank you air, I never would have thought this could have been because of this. Oooookay, now I know this I'll finish converting the rest of the files, thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the quick answer! Ah I see. I'll have to try that. As for the files, I first have to convert them all, I'm converting some modern clothing and there are several outfits. I have still many to do and so little time right now, I'll be doing it as soon as I can and send them to you. I think it'll be done by the week, I hope it's all right. Thats' very kind of you!
  3. Okay, thanks a lot for this guide! I finally succeeded porting some clothes after a lot of mistakes, I didn't read carfully enough ^^' But I still get some issues, even if it looks okay in outfit studio and bodyslide, I still get some gaps in game. I guess I'll just have to try to remove parts of the body that we are not supposed to see anyway, right? My other issue is, and I don't know why it's happening, the outfits I'm trying to convert have several recolours, once I convert, I get the default one to show correctly, but all others are messed up. For example, sleeves will have a blank texture and textures on pants will look messed up, showing blank squares and black textures or whatever. Reminds me of bug city glitch in firsts Pokémon games XD Does anyone know what is going on here and if there is an easy way to fix this? This is the very first time I try converting things and I have zero knowledge, I just religiously followed the guide! XD Thanks in advance!
  4. I never tried making refits, but it seems to be easy enough if we follow carefully! I'll give it a try, thank you very much for all your excellent work!
  5. All right, I will try, thank you!
  6. That's what I use but just understood you had to uncompress the 3 parts at the same time, that's why it was saying it was incorrect when trying to uncompress each part one by one. Problem solved, thanks anyway! Looks like there's a lot of options possible, I'll have to give it a try when I have time to do it!
  7. This armor looks great, thanks for converting it! Yet I'm having one problem with it on my Orc character, body hair isn't showing up. I don't know if it's a problem on my end as it seems to be working on your picture. Also, is there an easy way to add HDT to the bare body easily with nifskope? Thanks again for this Kirax!
  8. Thanks for sharing this but if these textures are meant to work with the unofficial SAM version posted above, then please note they can't be uncompressed. I thought it was because of the numbers being written after the .7z, but no. There is something wrong but I don't know what
  9. Thanks for explaining but sadly I'm completely lost! XD But it's okay, I already use some workarounds in my game. I was just being curious but that's far beyond my skills ( plus English isn't my native language ). But thanks anyway!
  10. I always wondered if it was possible to do this because genitals look "tiny" compared to what they are in human form. It seems hard to make these changes, and changing values manually after each transformation is breaking immersion a bit. What would you use to edit one script, I never did that before?
  11. Both mods work together with no problem, but if you have Floppy SOS installed as well, there is an option in its MCM menu for arousal. If you don't activate it, you won't see it working. You can also disable floppyness for the penis and only keep it for scrotum, and it will work too. And also, it may be obvious but who knows, it's should be the first thing to do, make sure you activate the SOS option in SLA Redux MCM menu too, or else you won't see anything working either!
  12. I can't believe I didn't see this, I'm so late! It's not perfect, but at least we can play Lykaios with SAM, thank you! And I never thought it would, but the race got updated here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119485-lykaios-reborn/ I wish I had time enough to learn how to make it fully compatible with SAM... *sigh*
  13. Ah right, as it was a huge pack I didn't download it, my internet is very slow... Well in this case your port is already good as it is, but that's just my opinion. Oh shoot, I downloaded it some months ago but then my PC died and I lost the files... Will it be all right if I post a request in the forums, see if someone has still the files? And no don't say your skills were shitty, that's not true, and it's only natural to start with something and keep getting better, there's no shame to have!
  14. I agree with you it already looks good as it is. Now I can't say how many people will be interested in seeing the whole pack converted. I do not know the amount of work needed to do so, but you could make some parts modular, so that people can remove what they want with nifskope? But I don't think it's really needed. While I have the chance to talk with you I have a question, do you still have your Anubis armor for download somewhere?
  15. I see, no problem then! And thank you for the link, I never knew they were available for download!
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