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  1. Ranulf

    Lykaios Male for SAM Light

    I can't believe I didn't see this, I'm so late! It's not perfect, but at least we can play Lykaios with SAM, thank you! And I never thought it would, but the race got updated here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119485-lykaios-reborn/ I wish I had time enough to learn how to make it fully compatible with SAM... *sigh*
  2. Ah right, as it was a huge pack I didn't download it, my internet is very slow... Well in this case your port is already good as it is, but that's just my opinion. Oh shoot, I downloaded it some months ago but then my PC died and I lost the files... Will it be all right if I post a request in the forums, see if someone has still the files? And no don't say your skills were shitty, that's not true, and it's only natural to start with something and keep getting better, there's no shame to have!
  3. I agree with you it already looks good as it is. Now I can't say how many people will be interested in seeing the whole pack converted. I do not know the amount of work needed to do so, but you could make some parts modular, so that people can remove what they want with nifskope? But I don't think it's really needed. While I have the chance to talk with you I have a question, do you still have your Anubis armor for download somewhere?
  4. I see, no problem then! And thank you for the link, I never knew they were available for download!
  5. Interesting, I may start play as Vampire Lord thanks to this mod! Two question though, is this only for SE? Because it would be cool to have it for LE too. And then, would it be possible to have the horns as a separate download, so that we can equip them on any character we want? ( sorry if it's already the case, I didn't download your wonderful mod yet! ) Thanks in advance and great work!
  6. Ranulf

    SAM BS:Bruma Patch

    I guess he meant a patch for armors that were added with Bruma, but sadly no, there's no patch
  7. Ranulf

    10/24 Anubis Armor

    Would love to have access to the armor, will it be available again soon? Because it looks amazing, great job!
  8. Ranulf

    Load order issues with Vortex?

    I don't use Vortex, I still have Nexus mod manager so I may be wrong. But have you tried running FNIS once more? As you say some animations and things aren't working, I would try this first. I don't know if it could be the problem here, but I don't see what else could be causing this. Good luck with fixing your game though.
  9. Thank you very much for all those fixes, I can finally use many things I couldn't anymore because they just didn't fit!
  10. XD Gosh that's pretty high in this case, but it's great to see the interest you have for it! Ah right, I see! Oh, yeah he was a bit, but what he said is also true. But it's all right really, I'm not the type to start a fight for nothing. I see, I barely have any knowledge at 3D, but what I tried to do was, I downloaded a HD bear claw mesh ingredient replacer from nexus. And within nifskope, I changed its type to NiNode to be able to copy the mesh and paste it over argonian genitals. But I got two problems then : I couldn't get the claw to rotate past 90° on the left, it just wouldn't let me do that, and then when I saved my modification, well nothing of it would appear in-game. I just know this musn't be how things actually work, but hey I gave it a try! ^^' But thanks a lot for working on it, if I can help with having ideas or whatever, feel free to ask! And when I see how amazing your Blueprints mod is, I have little doubt you can come up with something great!
  11. No don't worry, I'm not here to judge anyone tastes! ^^
  12. I really didn't have this in mind when I thought of this concept, but I guess it would mean a quick death at this rate... XD But I agree this wouldn't be convenient for sex scenes. Oh well.
  13. Ah thanks a lot neutraldude! No problem, feel free to PM me whenever you want or have something ready. Actually the idea of it working as an accessory is a good idea! If I can help testing, I'll glady do. I'd love to do more, but the only things I can do is modify textures. Thanks again, I'm happy to see you are interested!
  14. Well because why not? I used to make things for The Sims 2 on request for free because it was a hobby of mine and it never was a problem. I'm not forcing anyone to do it, I'm posting a suggestion. If anyone is willing to take it, then may that person be blessed, if no one does, then fine no problem either. You didn't have to put it this way honestly, though I perfectly understand your point of view. Anyway, moving on.